5 YouTube accounts for yoga beginners

yoga for beginners

I have been practicing yoga several times per month for the past 2 years or so, sometimes at the gym, or sometimes at home (when I miss the scheduled class at the gym). At first I started out of curiosity and decided to look up videos to try it at home, because I could not afford any classes – even now the class I’m taking is a virtual one at my gym.

YouTube is full of yoga channels, each of them with their particularities – the way of instructing, the background music, and other little things. If you are a beginner and you feel that YouTube offers too many choices, I have selected for you 5 YouTube yoga accounts that you can use to get started (and even stick with them).

Tara Stiles

Bret Larkin Yoga

Yoga with Adrienne

Lesley Fightmaster

Ali Kamenova

All those ladies are amazing and it’s definitely worth trying all of them to see which style fits you best. For now, I am doing Brett Larkin’s videos – I like that she provides a playlist, and the movements feel really soft and gentle. Are you practicing yoga? What videos are you watching when you do yoga at home?

3 thoughts on “5 YouTube accounts for yoga beginners

  1. Great post! I have been practicing for about 3 years now and live by Tara Stiles’ videos when I am traveling and can’t go to class. Now that I have started building my own home practice to save money, I will for sure check out some of these other instructors to stay on track!

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