Women’s petite sweatpants with pockets

sweatpants for petites with pockest_femmeluxe finery

We’ve been officially working from home (& thus spending so much more time indoors) for more than almost 9 months now. In terms of fashion, this year has been all about being comfortable and cosy. 90% of my outfits at home have been basically loungewear – leggings during the work day and sweatpants the rest of the time. My usual pairs have worn out and I was on a quest for the most comfortable women’s petite sweatpants I could find. The basic requirements are simple really – to be soft, to have cute colour/pattern, and be warm enough to wear outside on a supermarket run in winter. But the ones I found are even better – they have pockets (such a rarity for women’s pants in general!). And as I am quite short, I would need some nice petite sweatpants to fit my short legs (again, a rarity!).

The most comfortable petite sweatpants with pockets

Both these pants check the softness requirement – they feel really pleasant to the touch inside and outside. They are not very thick but your avert leggings are not either. They are enough to be worn outside for a short while in the winter weather. And they are looking cute! I have always been a fan of marble pattern and pastel colours, so both these pairs of comfortable sweatpants are great additions to my wardrobe.

Me finding petite sweatpants with pockets was like hitting the jackpot. The pockets are not huge, but they are big enough to fit my iPhone X.The sweatpants are quite long actually but because of the elasticated cuffs, you can basically adjust the length.

Women's petite sweatpants with pockets

If you are a short gal like me, petite sweatpants with elastic ankles and pockets are truly sent from heaven.


How have you been dressing at home? Are you a fan of a cute and cosy lounge set as much as I am?

Women's sweatpants with pockets
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Women's sweatpants with pockets
Looking for comfortable and warm women's petite sweatpants with pockets? Check out these two adorable pairs - with sizeable pockets too!
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Saccharine Soul
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