Winter skincare routine for combination skin

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It’s that time of the year again – the time when the weather gets colder and harsher for our skin. The time for the winter skincare routine has come! I have already talked about it before and I am talking about it again , featuring the amazing cruelty-free brand arcaya. They have a wide variety of ampoules (I seriously want to try them all), masks, creams, serums, and even BB, CC and DD creams! Their shop is truly a skincare lovers paradise! From all this variety, I went for one hydrating mask, a moisturising cream and two anti-aging ampoules. Before reviewing the products I was sent, I tested them daily for 1 week so I could get a better understanding and a better review for you.  Keep scrolling to check them out!


Every routine should start with cleansing. Here you can use your favorite gel/foam cleanser that is adapted to your skin – in my case, combination skin. In the morning, I often just cleanse my face with water. But in the evenings, I do a double cleanse with cleansing oil and a foam cleanser, as I usually wear some kind of makeup and this process gets rid of all the impurities properly.

Baobab mask

This mask has baobab oil rich in vitamins, which is perfect for dry skin, and it has anti-aging benefits. It aims to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, while soothing and regenerating. After you make sure that your skin is clean, apply the baobab mask to nourish the dry winter skin and prepare it for the next steps. It works great for combination skin – hydrates my dry cheeks but keeps the oily areas in check. Apply a thin layer all over your face (even in the eye area!) and let it on your skin for 10 minutes or so. Do not remove it with water (it’s consistency is so oily), but with a damp wash mitt or cotton pads. It’s perfect to apply it in the morning, while you are sipping your morning coffee, or in the evening, while having a cup of tea. In the past week, I used it every other day or so, either in the morning or in the evening, before the rest of my skincare routine. It’s perfect for my red cheeks and keeps my entire face soft.

Winter skincare routine - baobab mask and ultra facial cream


I have been using 2 types of ampoules: for day & for night. As I stressed before, it’s winter, so we have to give the skin as much hydration as possible. Both types of ampoules come in packs of 10, perfect for a boost of hydration.

Winter skincare routing _ ampoules

For the morning, after cleaning the skin, I am using the Hyaluron+ ampoules,  moisturizing turbo ampoules with hyaluronic acid and wrinkle refill effect. Some people might say that I’m too young to start using anti-aging products at 27 years old, but I think that I would be too late if I started now! I believe that once you are in your 20s, you should keep an eye on this type of products. I started incorporating skincare products with anti-aging benefits for the past 2 years.

For the night routine, I use the Multivitamin ampoules, full of vitamins (d’oh) and a natural anti-aging complex. I use one ampoule after cleansing and nourishing my skin with the baobab mask. They contain natural extracts from daisy flowers, reinforced with Vitamin C that help have a whitening effect. This means they help with hyper-pigmentation and have anti-aging benefits too.

I applied both ampoules in the past week, in the morning and at night respectively. It’s important to gently massage them into the skin in circular and upward movements, and letting the liquid absorb into the skin before proceeding to the next step.

Winter skincare routine - arcaya ampoules

Hydrating Cream

My winter skincare routine finishes with the No 2 ultra facial cream with seaweed extract. This cream is perfect for dry winter skin as it provides double the moisture compared to a normal moisturizer. The consistency is rather dense and has a fresh relaxing smell. After applying and letting the ampoules go into the skin, I apply the cream all over my face and neck, and massage it in with circular and upward motions!

Winter skincare routine arcaya


Yes, it might be winter and the sun might not be shining, but it is STILL harmful for your skin. Please don’t go out without applying some sunscreen on your precious face! This step must be a part of your winter skincare routine too, not just summer!

After religiously applying the arcaya products for one week, I have to say that my skin looks very plump, soft refreshed! The products are of high quality, and they smell and feel great. Thanks for properly cleaning my face daily, I did not have any breakout on my T-Zone (which is the oiliest part of my face). I have to say that my skin (while it might not be perfect) does look fresh and young.  I would definitely repeat a similar 10-day treatment with ampoules in the future! What is your winter skincare routine?

Winter skincare routine for combination skin

Winter is coming and it's time to upgrade your skin care with these hassle-free winter skin care tips! Are you ready for the most amazing skin of your life?

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