Types of winter coats for petites

Since the beginning of January, the weather has gotten truly cold (and by that, I mean under 0C). And we already got some serious snowfall too. It may be the time that you are looking for new winter coats to keep you warm for the next weeks. There is so much cute winter fashion for petites out there, and a big part of that is coats and jackets!

If you’re a petite and are looking for the perfect winter coat, I got you! Even if we’re not as tall as runway models, we do have a lot of freedom when it comes to coats!

Buying winter coats for petites

Are you on a quest for the best winter coats for petites? If yes, make sure that you are looking for models that can make you look taller, which means we have to be careful with the length of a coat. You would want to look mainly for a slim cut shape. In order to accentuate your waist, you can look or a coat with a high-waisted belt.

In terms of length, the best ones are above the knee and mid-calf. When the coat is until above your knees, it will make your legs look longer. If you are a fan of longer coats, aim for a mid-calf length and a slim cut coat, in order to elongate your body. If you prefer an even longer coat, the advise is to wear it with some heel to give your outfit some height.

As with any coat purchase, make sure that it fits well all over and you are feeling comfortable in it! Check out below the best winter jackets for petites!

The long camel coat

A classic long camel coat is a must have not only for petites, but for any women (and man!). It’s a classy coat that will not go out of style and works with any outfit. I see it as the winter version of a trench coat. A camel coat is also very versatile and you can create lovely winter outfits for petites. Because of its length, you can wear it with pretty much anything, from long and short dresses, to jeans and leggings. In terms of occasions, this can be worn with any outfit, from very casual to more formal.

winter coats for petites_camel coat

The black winter coat

I would highly advise, to also get a long, black, slim-cut coat. It would be more versatile and would be even more suitable for elegant outfits, as black goes well with every color.

The teddy coat

I’ve been a fan of teddy coats and I’m so happy I found an off-white one too. It’s warm and very comfortable. The only downside is that it’s quite casual, so I would not wear it with an elegant outfit. I love wearing it with sweatpants and sweaters, but also with a less casual outfit, like a cute skirt.

winter coats for petites_teddy coat

The puffer coat

When I found this puffer coat in Uniqlo, it was love at first sight. It’s very warm, comfortable, and perfect to protect me against the harsh wind. I’m a very casual person at heart, so I love the look of this coat – but similar to the teddy coat, this puffer coat would not go well with elegant outfits. This coat may be very casual, but it’s one of the warmest winter coats for petites out there!

winter coats for petites_puffer coat

The faux fur coat

Girl, if you wanna get a faux fur coat, get it! I love them because they feel so soft on the outside and they just elevate the outfit immediately. All of my faux fur coats are until knee-length, but if I had more space, I would go for a longer one. Having a coat that goes until the knees makes it difficult to pair with a longer skirt tor dress, so I usually opt for short dresses, short skirts or tight jeans/leggings.

winter coats for petites_faux fur coat

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Types of winter coats for petites
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Types of winter coats for petites
There is so much cute winter fashion for petites out there, and a big part of that is coats and jackets!
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