Wig Wishlist with Divatress

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Last year, my hair has gone through a lot of changes and colours. From trying to dye my hair lavender to obviousy failing and burning my hair, to finally going to a professional. I can say that I has almost all the colours of the rainbow, from grey, to yellow, all shades of pink and purple, blue, and green and then a brown Рred ombr̩.

Unfortunately, all these changes – regular bleaching plus dyeing, hair drying and hair styilng have taken its toll on my hair. I have recently cut my hair into a short bob to get rid of the inches of damaged hair and split ends. Plus, I feel like shorter hair suits me better and is easier to take care of.

One wig for every mood

But I still find myself longing for long way hair, or a fringe, or a wild shade of green. But the damage I experienced to my hair (and my wallet haha), got me thinking of investing in some high quality wigs. This would allow me to change my hair as I please and match it to my mood of the day without damage.

Divatress has one of the widest selections online of high quality lace front wigs for all budgets. There’s hundreds of choices in terms of color, length and hair type, to fit any of your creative outfit ideas! Check out my wig wishlist below!

wig wishlist with divatress 2

wig wishlist with divatress

Wig Wishlist with DIVATRESSWig Wishlist with DIVATRESS

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