What to do in Hong Kong

I mentioned before I would do a post about what to see & do in Hong Kong. I usually spend the first day exploring the surroundings of the hotel and dive into the local cuisine – I had some rice with some meats and sausages, egg, and drank some milk tea. The next days were spent on day trips to specific places.

hong kong victoria harbor
View over Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour
  • Take a walk across the Victoria harbour and admire the skyline at night. It’s a rather long walk to go through all the quais, but at night it’s very peaceful and relaxing.
  • Kowloon is just across the harbour. For that you have to take the ferry and that’s it. Have a really long walk along the shopping street and take a look into the many shopping centers. There is also the Kowloon park, a rather huge peaceful place in the middle of the crowded skyscrapers.
hong kong from victoria peak
View over Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
  • Go to the Victoria Peak and admire Hong Kong from the top. To get there, you can take the tram or the bus. We wanted to take the tram but the queue was impossibly huge, so we decided to take the bus. Cheaper but took longer. In the end, we still got there! It will be windy on the peak, so keep that in mind when you take photos (or you’ll hair will be covering your face). There’s several places you can eat for all budgets, if you wish to eat up there.
  • Go out in Lan Kwai Fong – it’s packed with people and bars. Definitely seemed more fun than Clausen and the party is going on until way later.
big buddha
Big Buddha on Lantau Island
  • Lantau Island – here you can climb up to the Big Buddha, visit the Po Lin Monastery and eat ridiculously delicious food (noodles & bean cakes!!). To get there, you take a ferry to the Island. To get to the Big Buddha, you can either take a bus (New Lantao bus) or a cable car.
stanley hong kong
  • Stanley is a small town where you have to visit the market! Enjoy the market and the boats, and don’t forget to take some selfies while you sit on the rocks along the water. To get there, you take the bus from Hong Kong.
  • Try as much food as possible! Eat something you never tried, such as octopus cooked in a different way (ew…), or noodles that definitely taste different than those you find in Europe. Drink bubble milk tea (yummy!) and coffee with milk and tea (no so yummy 🙁 ). Drink Cream Soda and Chrysanthemum tea. And Aloe Vera drink (all of those heavenly delicious!). Do have a look at what KFC & McDonalds, and supermarkets have to offer. There are definitely local influences such as shrimp chips, or the Chrysanthemum tea I mentioned above. You will also see a lot of British sweets, such as the Cadbury brand. I wouldn’t recommend trying those, as we have them in Europe too. But do try the shrimp chips, even if it’s just to open the bag, realise you don’t like the smell, and not even eat one…

Have you been to Hong Kong? What are the things that you recommend doing?

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  1. I love going out in LKF – definitely one of my favourite parts of Hong Kong. Great tips of yours; personal favourites are horse races in Sha Tin, night markets in TST and watching the Symphony of Lights.


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