What to do in Bruxelles

bruxelles at night, brussels at night, belgium, what to do in brussels, grand place
Brussels at night [Image credit]
There are plenty of things to see and do in Brussels – after all, it’s the heart of Europe. But if you happen to be there just for one day or a couple of hours, there are some things you have to do.

Flower display at Brussels Grand Place, flower carpet, bruxelles, grand place, what to do in bruxelles
Brussels Grand Place [Image credit]
1. Visit Grand Place and admire the Gothic architecture of the town hall. Bonus points if you also happen to be there on teh summer of the flower carpet (next one in 2016). For the coffee lovers in you, there’s a Starbucks right there that opened a few months ago. Have one and then go strolling on – what I call – the ‘chocolate street’. The street where chocolate shops are next to each other. You can give into the temptation and…

brussels waffles, waffles, belgium, what to do in brussels, belgian food
A wide selection of waffles [Image credit]
2. Have a waffle (Brussels or Liège) with Belgian chocolate; add some whipped cream and strawberries to that. Take Instagram photos and don’t forget to enjoy this delicious creation. After this, you must try Belgian beer.

delirium village, delirium cafe, beer brussels, floris bar, absinth, what to do in brussels
Delirium Villlage [Image credit]
3. Have a drink of two in the Delirium Village. Try absinth in the Floris Bar and beers in the Delirium Cafe. I recommend Delirium Tremens and Delirium Red. But you should definitely go also for the beer tasting (a platter with smaller glasses, each with a different beers) or try the foreign beers they have on tap (they change regularly).

manneken pis, belgium, what to do in brussels, brussels
Manneken Pis [Image credit]
4. Almost forgot – you cannot miss Manneken Pis (if you’re lucky, you’ll catch him in a costume); also Jeanneke Pis – the girl version – right next to the Floris Bar.

belgian fries, brussels, belgian food, what to do in brussels
Belgian fries with mayonnaise [Image credit]
5. If beer made you hungry, be sure to have some Belgian fries with mayonnaise and enjoy the rest of your day in this beautiful city.

1. If you are a girl who enjoys wearing high heels/platforms, be aware that the pavement is not your best friend. I have been there many times in high heels and every time my ankles were going in all directions.
2. Be prepared to have an umbrella with you, you may never know.
3. Last but not least, as with any touristic city, be careful with pickpockets.

Have you visited Brussels? What did you enjoy most?

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  1. I used to live in Brussels during my studies and LOVED that city. I miss it! Thankfully it is not too far from Luxembourg 😉

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