Wearing Denim in Summer

denim summer style

Denim is one of those fabrics that can be worn all year round. It is a must have in anyone’s wardrobe, be it that comfy pair of jeans or that vintage denim jacket you thrifted. Not sure how to wear it this summer – apart from shorts and long jeans? How about some feminine options like skirts and dresses?

Denim Summer Style

When the heatwave started, my thought was that I was not going to wear my long jeans until it’s under 20 degrees. The warm temperatures make me go crazy and I cannot stand wearing them tight jeans. But that doesn’t mean I cannot try other options, that will keep me cool.

In my journey to adding denim to my summer wardrobe, I first looked at non-pants options. I love wearing dresses and skirts in summer, so that’s where I first looked, obviously.

The skirt

Now, I always had denim skirts in my wardrobe ever since I was little. It would always be a mini skirt that had to be worn as a low waist one (so that I could look decent) because wearing it as a high waist one – well, it was giving me little movement choice. Plus, all my skirts would always ride up and I would have to keep pulling it down. This was happening all year round, with or without leggings. It was really an annoyance, because I love denim skirts but they would be so uncomfortable for me.

Until I found this button denim skirt from Femme Luxe. I don’t know why I went for it, but it gave me cosy vibes. Plus it looked like a high waist skirt which means it would’t ride up my legs like my previous mini skirts.
I love the buttons in the front and the stretchy waist. While it is very comfortable, I do wish I knew how stretchy it is, because I would have sized down.

denim skirt
denim skirt
denim skirt
denim skirt

The Pinafore

I am branching out and trying out new materials for my pinafore collection! This time, it’s denim! This button denim pinafore can be worn as a dress with a t-shirt under. If you’re feeling way too warm, you can even skip it! If you are feeling bold, wear it as a vest over a simple outfit of jeans and t-shirt. This pinafore is also stretchy, but in this case, I am glad I did not size down.

denim pinafore
denim pinafore
denim pinafore
denim pinafore

Both pieces can be excellently transitioned to colder weather. The skirt can be worn with all kinds of knits, and the pinafore can be paired with all kinds of turtlenecks. For the winter, go for tights and literally any type of boots!

The simplicity of the cuts and the versatility of the denim make the skirt and the pinafore excellent additions to your denim collection. Get your hands on skirts and dresses this summer from Femme Luxe!

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