Spring summer fashion trends for 2021

wearable spring summer trends - floaty maxi dress

Spring and summer fashion is not just floral or pastel dresses. While they are must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe, there are so many other possibilities! In my search for wearable spring summer fashion trends, I was focused on those that mix comfort and stylishness, as well as pieces that I would wear, as a person not 100% body confident.

Wearable spring summer fashion trends

I went for trends that would make me feel good in my own skin after a big meal or on days when my stomach is too bloated. If you’re in the same boat as me, then join me on this journey! Below I have curated my 6 favourite wearable spring summer fashion trends for clothes plus 2 bonus ones!

Floaty maxi dresses

This is one of my favourite trends – I love floaty maxi dresses and this is my go-to outfit when I travel, especially in the hot & humid climate of South East Asia. They are flattering for everybody, no matter the size or height. They can be worn in the warmer seasons with sandals or sneakers. And you can wear them in colder seasons with tights and boots. They’re not only comfortable, flattering and stylish but also very versatile. This is clearly my favourite spring dress trend!

Baggy trousers

We know skinny jeans and slim trousers can accentuate your silhouette – but keep an open mind and see how baggy trousers can be flattering too. You can style them in a casual, informal style, or have a suit with baggy trousers for a formal work meeting. The possibilities are endless – and above all, they are comfortable!

Laidback glamour – glitter & sequins

You may think that being all shiny and wearing sequins is meant for very special occasions like new year’s eve. But hear me out – after being in various lockdowns, not going to parties and not much going out in general, I vouch to myself that I will wear whatever I want when all of this is over. Is it a sequinned suit that I want to wear with my comfortable sneakers? If a long glittery maxi dress? Then so be it!


Another flattering but also bold garment is the corset. Corsets infuse a lingerie vibe into everyday wear. I have never actually worn a corset before, but it’s definitely something I would try now. As I mentioned before, my post-pandemic fashion choices will be bolder than before. You can wear a corset not only by itself, as a top, but you can also layer it on top of a dress, t-shirt or shirt. But you can also opt for dresses whose top part is a corset! And when it comes to material, you can find anything from cotton and lace to leather and vinyl. Not a fan of a whole corset for the top? Keep an eye for corset belts, they are very flattering too!

Comfy cosy elegance

Actually, this is my favourite trend of all. Mixing comfortable and cosy pieces with more elegant ones. We all have been living in hoodies and sweatpants for the vast majority of the past year – and we want to take that comfort when we venture outside of our homes. One piece of clothing that is coming back strong is the bomber jacket, which has been a key piece for me for years. You can easily style it casually or sporty with jeans and sneakers. But also with a cute pink skirt – it has the power to give an edge to any outfit. This is also where bejewelled sweatshirts come in, combining the cute and comfort of a hoodie with sparkles.

wearable spring summer trends - bomber jacket and dress


I was always told that, as a petite, I have to be careful with stripes. I would have to always choose vertical stripes, to elongate my silhouette, rather than horizontal ones. Now that I am grown up, I am open to any type of stripes, as long as I like how I look in them. As a petite, you can definitely go for horizontal stripes – it’s all about using them to your advantage by accentuating your best features. If you like to be bold, then this spring-summer trend is for you – it’s the time for big, bold and unique stripe patterns!

wearable spring summer trends - stripes

Spring shoe trends

Fancy slippers

Now THIS is what I want – indoor shoes made fancy. They are soft, comfy and fancy at the same time. Plus you can wear them with pretty much anything, from jeans to dresses.

Low heels

After having worn flat shoes for the past year or so, I would definitely be happy to ease into high heels low shorter ones!

wearable spring summer trends - low heel and chain straps on bags


As a petite, I appreciate the extra height the shoes can offer, but high heels can sometimes be uncomfortable. This is where the platforms come in!

Spring bag trends

Fur bags

This is a trend that I would love to try. It looks like the matching bag for a teddy coat – very cute, soft and cuddly. While I do find them so cute and I would love to have one, I have two questions for myself: (1) how would I wash and maintain them and (2) what happens if they go out of style?

Chain straps

I love chain straps in bags, especially if they have big chain links. I love them both in metal and plastic – in both cases, they make the bad look edgy but also elegant. You can find such a cool variety of bags with chain straps at Charles & Keith.

Big bags

I’m a fan of big bags – I like to have them because I can put in there my laptop, my journal, a bottle of water, camera, tripod, wallet, my little pouch with make-up and other essentials and so on.

Hope that you have enjoyed my collection of wearable spring summer fashion trends for 2021! What are your favourites?

Wearable spring summer trends
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Wearable spring summer trends
Spring and summer fashion is not just floral or pastel dresses. While they are must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe, there are so many other possibilities! In my search for wearable spring summer fashion trends, I was focused on those that mix comfort and stylishness
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