Dare to Wear Pink in Winter

Do you also dare to wear pink in winter? It’s usually popular in spring and summer but why not wear it in winter too? It can be rather fun to wear lighter clothes, and especially pink, to brighten up a wardrobe full of neutral and dark colors. So why not bring some spring into the middle of this cold weather?

Dare to Wear Pink in Winter

Wear Pink in Winter

I paired my super soft pink pleated midi skirt with my white cable knit sweater. To balance the length of my skirt I opted for high heels and these pink boots with clear heels are the stars of the outfit! Despite the heel being quite high, the boots are very comfortable and I even wore them on a rainy day (fingers crossed they stay in this shape throughout the winter!)

Dare to Wear Pink in Winter

Dare to Wear Pink in WinterThis winter, don’t be shy and don’t (always) hide yourself in dark colors – throw in some pastels for a change! It will definitely lighten up your mood and, when it snows, you will be in tone with the snow. Perfect, right?

Dare to Wear Pink in WinterAre you a fan of wearing pink in winter? And are you as in love with clear heel boots?

Pink clear heel boots from ZafulAre you also in love with pink in winter? Check out how you can pair this springy colour and freshen up your wardrobe for the cold weather! Clear heel boots from Zaful / Pink pleated skirt from Dressfo / Cable knit sweater from New Yorker

Bonus: Christmas wishlist

Dare to Wear Pink in Winter_Zaful wishlist

Grey wool coat  / Lace and velvet cami dress / Snake print bag / Graphic sweatshirt / Ripped jeans / Velvet boots

9 thoughts on “Dare to Wear Pink in Winter

  1. The boots! OH MY LIFE – I need these. I have never wanted a pair of boots more and I just adore it with the outfit – which even though I am plus size wouldn’t be hard to replicate – LOVE THIS LOOK – my favourite so far x

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