How to wear pinafore dress in winter without being cold

wear denim pinafore in winter

Are pinafore dresses meant only for the warmer weather? Definitely not! Is it possible to wear pinafore dress in winter and stay warm? Yes! You can (& should) wear your pinafore dress all year round. Pinafore dresses are must have pieces for every woman’s wardrobe, as they are very versatile.

In this post I will show you how you can transform your regular pinafore into one that will keep you warm in the cold season.

The key to a winter pinafore dress outfit

When it comes to winter outfits in general, it’s all about layering. Especially if you are including clothing items that are not specifically meant for winter. Pinafores are not usually very thick, so you would have to add layers all over to make sure you stay warm.

The key layers for a pinafore dress outfit for winter are: thick top (sweater, turtleneck), the pinafore, and warm leggings / tights. If you need more, you can add an undershirt or normal t-shirt before putting everything else on. You can either the sweater/turtleneck under the pinafore or you can wear them over the pinafore. In the latter case, I would go for having an undershirt, regular tee or tank top under the pinafore, as I am not a fan of the pinafore directly over my skin. Still cold? You can also add a cardigan on top!

And of course, do not forget about your legs – keep them warm with tights or thick leggings – even extra socks if you wish. Don’t forget, comfort and warmth are key here!

Layering loose and tight pinafores

I have two gingham pinafore dresses with very different cuts – one is looser and one is very tight on the body. In the first case, I have plenty of space and I can play around with many layers under the pinafore – I can even go for a chunky knit sweater if I wish. In the second case, I could either wear a body hugging but warm turtleneck for example under the pinafore, but if I wish for a chunkier sweater, it’s best to be worn over.

Wear pinafore dress in winter: gingham edition

I feel that gingham pinafores are one of the most popular types. And they are easy to style too! Keep the outfit black & white (pinafore and leggings) and opt for literally whichever colour you want for the top part. If can be a crisp white sweater or a bright pink turtleneck.

wear pinafore in winter

How to wear a denim pinafore dress in winter

My denim pinafore dress can be worn in summer even without anything under, as it offers great coverage and hugs the body nicely. But watch how I transform a summer outfit into a denim pinafore dress winter outfit! By keeping in mind the tips above on loose and tight pinafores, I can see that my denim pinafore is somewhere in the middle, and it’s very stretchy too. This is where I can experiment with various types of tops to see what looks good. You wouldn’t want something too thick or chunky, otherwise, it may look odd. Especially because this denim pinafore has buttons and would not want them to look like they’re about to pop.

wear denim pinafore in winter

Hope that my post has inspired you to wear your pinafores all year round! Have you already tried wearing them in winter? What is your favourite way to style them?

How to wear pinafore dress in winter without being cold
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How to wear pinafore dress in winter without being cold
Are pinafore dresses meant only for the warm weather? Definitely not! You can wear pinafore dress in winter too! Check it out!
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