How to wear a pinafore dress in summer

Summer time is creeping up on us, and it’s time to take out your summer clothes. I recently put all my sweaters in vacuum bags and replaced them with cute tops, and summer dresses. Every time I swap my summer and winter clothes I am re-discovering pieces that I over, and making me excited for the new season. One of the things I cannot wait to wear a lot this summer is this cute little pinafore!

What is a pinafore dress?

This girl right here has been all about pinafore dresses this past year and I have recently added a new black and white, frill pinafore.

A pinafore is a collarless sleeveless dress that can be worn over a top or a blouse, and they usually sneak into your Instagram feed in fall, when school starts. I am sure I am not the only one who gets back to school vibes when it comes to pinafore outfits. When I was in primary school, the uniform was a blue and white pinafore, and throughout my childhood, I was wearing colourful pinafores. At some point I stopped. For me, they have always been associated with school uniforms and dresses that only young girls wear.

how to wear a casual pinafore

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. First of all, you can wear them all year round. In fall, wear it with a shirt and ankle boots, and layer a leather jacket for extra warmth; in winter, wear it with a sweater, tights, over the knee boots and a cosy teddy coat or camel coat. It’s all about layering to stay warm and stylish.

How to wear a pinafore dress in summer

When the weather gets warmer, you can wear the pinafore with a cute blouse and flats; or with a cute tee and sandals. There is no excuse to not wear a pinafore, and it shouldn’t be ‘assigned’ to a specific season. And while you can take it from season to season, you can also style it any way you want.

In the past years, I am realising more and more how they are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. What makes a pinafore worth purchasing and making it a staple, is being versatile. Go for black or darker colours, or a classic pattern – that way you can pair it with a top or blouse of any other colour, and you can wear it with whatever shoe you want. Take your  pinafore from casual to elegant by adjusting the top and the accessories.

Forget those mornings where you are frantically pacing in front of your wardrobe, not knowing what to wear, running low on caffeine and looking desperately at the time. A pinafore can save you a lot of headache and stress simply because of how easy it is to wear – such an easy way to look put together while being late! Now that’s what I call a piece worth investing in!

how to wear a casual pinafore

How to style a pinafore dress

These past months I have been living in my sneakers, gave up make-up and opted for soft and comfortable clothing. It has been hectic with work and travelling and I needed a break. I am currently enjoying some time off the business and looking forward to a chill summer.

While I went the casual route, I plan on wearing it to its full potential. Either by swapping the sneakers with black heels, or wearing a shirt underneath and black heels. No matter the style you go for, don’t forget to accessories with a cute bag and/or jewelry!

Now how about you? What do you think of pinafores? Are you wearing them? How do you wear a pinafore dress in summer? Are you wearing the in winter too? Let me know in the comments and let’s exchange pinafore styling tips!

how to wear a casual pinafore
how to wear a casual pinafore

P.S. If you love my pinafore, check out FemmeLuxe for tons of cute frill pinafores and mini dresses! If you are a fan of all things casual and comfortable, I am currently preparing another outfit post with some fine looking sets, also from FemmeLuxe!

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  1. I like it when you mentioned that it is so easy to wear a pinafore especially when you are late for morning classes. My daughter has been complaining that she does not any new clothes to wear to her college. I think buying her some pinafores would be a great idea as it is easy to wear so she can always look good despite being late to class.

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