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Remember how a while ago I visit the VAKANZ tourism fair? This time I was invited for another fair – the SPRINGBREAK. It is a big fair that focuses on innovation, creativity and positivity. I didn’t visit any of its editions before and was so glad I finally checked it out – as an invited blogger again!

Tomorrow if the last day of the fair, and there are so many things you can do there and not even see time pass!

Drive an electric car

The Spring Mobility village is a section of the fair dedicate to “clean” transportation. You can test there scooters, monowheels, bikes and even an electronic car! You have to queue in line to try them, but driving an electric car was a cool experience! And by the way of e-mobility, the whole fair has a an electronic driverless shuttle bus that takes you in between different spots of the fair!

Electric car
The electric driverless shuttle bus

Check out the Urban Art Gallery

On the way from the covered parking and to the fair, there is an Urban Art Gallery, full of cool art installations. I have definitely seen some that I would love to have hanging in my living room. But my favourite was the rope latter covered in pins glued backwards.

Eat until you explode & listen to music

After exploring the stands of various exhibitors throughout the fair, finish the night by eating at the Urban Food Village. Explore the variety of foods (tacos, italian food, vegan food, crepes, raclette sandwhiches etc) and enjoy the night while listening to music. I have been craving tacos all day, so I went for a pork taco accompanied by a Desperados, and finishes with a bubble waffle as dessert.

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