15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for under 20€

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you are finding yourself with no ideas and no money! We know that Valentine’s Day is not about money, but about spending a nice day together with your partner. If you are finding yourself broke but still want to buy something nice and useful for your significant other, I have compiled an awesome list of 15 Valentine’s Day gifts for under 20€.

For this occasion, I have teamed up with Uncommon Goods to bring you the absolute best Valentine’s Day gifts for those on a budget but aiming to make more sustainable choices. Because sustainability is the Uncommon Goods core mission, to create a positive impact in the workplace and in the world. Going hand in hand with this is the fact that their many of their products that contain recycled materials and totally vegan (no leather, no fur, no feathers involved).

Considering all this, doesn’t this make offering one of their gifts for your Valentine an even better choice, both for your budget, environment and your loved one, of course?

P.S. they also ship internationally, so if you order like, right now, even if you live in Europe, you might get your gift on time!

Awesome Home & Kitchen Stuff

  1. Avocado Tree Starter Kit (Set of 3) for 19.65 €. Who would not love making their own avocado?

Uncommon Goods_Valentine's Day Gifts_avocado tree starter kit

  1. Wine Jelly (Set of 2) for 14.74 € . Perfect for a night in with a cheese platter and wine!

Uncommond Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Wine Jelly

  1. Plant Nanny Stake (Set of 4) for 16.66 €. Because no one likes to come back form a long trip to dead plants, no? Uncommon Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Plant Nanny
  2. Caramel Apple Kit for 19.95€. What would be cozier than making this on Valentine’s Day together with your loved one?Uncommond Goods_Valentines Day_Caramel Apple Kit
  3. Birch Forest Shower Curtain for 15.72€. Doesn’t this look way more magical than your lame grey shower curtain?

Uncommon Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Birch Forest Shower CurtainIf you loved my cute selection, there’s way more home decor where those came from!

Gifts for Her

  1. Morning, Noon and Night Coffee for 11.74 € . For the coffee lover that needs a kick in the morning but also wants to be able to sleep at nightUncommon Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Coffee
  2. Orbits Eye Stones for 19.65€ . These stone bagels are perfect for bringing some relief to tired eyes!Uncommon Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Orbit Stones
  3. Cracking Candles for 17.69 €. They come in three delicious-sounding scents: sweater weather, mulled cider and snow dayUncommon Goods _ Valentine's Day Gifts_Crackling Candles
  4. French Macaron Soaps Set for 17.69€. How perfect are these for macaron lovers!Uncommond Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Macaron Soaps
  5. Chai Tea Concentrate for 11.79 € Because who doesn’t like chai tea?Uncommond Goods_Valentines Day Giftf_Chai Tea Concentrate

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Gifts for Him

  1. Maki Socks for 17.79€. Aren’t those just the cutest?Uncommond Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Maki Socks
  2. Bath Shots (set of 6) for 19.65 €. Because you can now enjoy a relaxing bath with shots and no hangover. The scents sound amazing too: the Tequila, the Fireball, the Lemon Drop, the Melon Ball, the Crème de Menthe, the Blue KamikazeUncommond Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Bath Shots
  3. Craft IPA Beer Shampoo & Conditioner for 19.60 €Uncommon Goods_Valentines Day Gift_Beer Shampoo and Conditioner
  4. Shaving Jelly for 15.67 €. Made from 95% organic ingredients, like aloe, cucumber, and cranberry seed oil.Uncommon Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Shaving Jelly
  5. Coffee Liqueur Making Kit for 14.74 €.Uncommond Goods_Valentines Day Gifts_Coffe Liqueur Making Kit

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So there you go! 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for under 20€ to keep your Valentine’s Day fabulous and on a budget!

Broke but want to give something nice to your significant other? Keep Valentine's Day on a budget with these awesome Valentine's Day Gifts for under 20€!

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