Visit VAKANZ tourism fair in Luxembourg

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You all know how I love travelling and planning travels. I was super thrilled to be invited by the VAKANZ tourism fair in Luxembourg to be one of the bloggers collaborating with them. For me, this was the second time visiting the VAKANZ fair and I have not been disappointed.

Vakanz tourism fair Luxembourg

About VAKANZ tourism fair

The VAKANZ fair opened on Friday and Sunday, 20 January, is the last day when you can still check it out! There are over 100 stands, which include tourism bureaus, resorts, hotels, and travel agencies. If you want to take a break and have a refreshment, you can check out L’Oasis (a 1001 nights themed area), White Beach Club and New Balance (area focus on an active lifestyle)

Vakanz tourism fair luxembourg

My visit at the tourism fair

The visit started with timidly checking some stands at the entrance. I also recognised companies and agencies from the last time I went to the fair. But thanks to my less timid friends, we managed to discuss with the people at the stands, and get some really useful information. Because of this, I now have new countries added to my wish list!

We got to try Ethiopian coffee and snacks; we found out more about the stunning Galapagos Islands; and we were amazed at the beauty of Sri Lanka. I came home with a thick stack of brochures from travel agencies. And I will definitely be using for inspiration when planning my future trips!

Vakanz tourism fair Luxembourg

We wrapped up this tiring but productive visit with some Morrocan mint tea & sweets, at L’Oasis.

Vakanz tourism fair Luxembourg

Visiting the VAKANZ tourism fair made me realise how amazing and beautiful our planet is; how diverse countries and territories can be. It also made me realise that life is super-short and reminded me to keep travelling and exploring new places. Because life is about experiences!

Vakanz tourism fair Luxembourg

Do you enjoy visiting tourism fairs? Have you ever been to one?

One thought on “Visit VAKANZ tourism fair in Luxembourg

  1. It is so cool that you got to check out VAKANZ tourism fair! Wow, it is great that you got to have your blog featured in a poster as well. Glad you had lots of fun during the event and saw some neat booths. Diversity is very important. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ♥

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