How to upgrade your outfit in 3 ways

I am somebody who prefers easy lazy outfit but with the maximum effect possible. I am sometimes too shy to experiment and try new things, but it always turns out well (so far). For example, the simple act of cuffing your jeans on the outside can really make your red heels ‘pop’. Over the time, I realized there are three things that can upgrade a lazy outfit.

  1. Lipstick. And I am talking here about a bold lipstick – red, plum, dark cherry, but not soft pinks. It will give you a boost of elegance and maturity. It says – I am ready for any challenge, even though I am so tired right now. It says – I have chosen this graphic tee with a random motto, but wearing this bold red lipstick makes it look like a glamorous fashion statement.
  2. Statement necklace. I have already written a guest post on statement necklaces and I emphasized how they can upgrade your outfit and add a touch of sparkle. Even if you plan on wearing just a t-shirt with jeans, a sparkly statement necklace can nicely complement your cozy outfit. Such a necklace can take a comfy outfit to casual, and a casual outfit to elegant (hope this makes sense, I know you know what I mean)
  3. Heels. This is a trickier one. There are two situations. Either you want to have a cozy outfit (as I said, a simple tee and jeans) but you don’t want to seem too laid back. So you throw in your favorite pair of heels (if they are a bright color even better). Or you are not in the mood for anything fancy, you are feeling down, unmotivated and would like to avoid everybody for the day – in this case, putting on the same bright colored pair of heels will boost your confidence and the way others see you. For sure heels make me feel confident and I hope it shows.

upgrade your outfit

Now, you can of course use only one, two of them or all three at the same time. It is up to you and it also depend on whether your have already worn painful heels the day before or not.

What are your tips on upgrading an outfit?

16 thoughts on “How to upgrade your outfit in 3 ways

  1. Great ideas. I consider my wardrobe to be pretty boring because I tend to rely on old favorites that I repeat a lot, but some of these tips may just help me breathe new life into my wardrobe by updating old outfits! Thanks!

  2. Lovely post… a fab Red lipstick like MAC RUBY WOO or LADY DANGER & LOVELY statement necklace (boho style for me) can just make ur day. 😀 Great post.. Love! <3

  3. Lovely post, I totally agree about giving that outfit the extra something it needs! Lips can make such a difference, and also eyes I always feel pulled together when I have winged my eyeliner – even if I am wearing boyfriend jeans!!
    Gemma xx

  4. Love the ideas. Bold lipsticks really get the job done for me, I always get confident boost when wearing a dark purple or red lipstick shade.

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