How to upgrade your makeup routine

You have been doing the same makeup routine every day, without fail, you might have gotten quite bored. Women in the US spend billions per year on cosmetics so we might as well learn how to do it and enjoy it, right? You are sick and tired of those flawless Instagrams popping up in your feed and want a bit of extra to your makeup routine? Then check out my top 3 tips on how to upgrade your makeup routine

Upgrading your makeup routine does not have to be difficult!

  1. Bold lip

We ALL know the effect of a bold lip on our mood. Think of bright reds, deep dark cherry reds and hot fuchsias. This can instantly upgrade your makeup – and entire outfit, trust me! Start out by gently scrubbing the lips: you can either use a lip scrub or you can add a bit of cream on the lips and massage them using the toothbrush. Follow by a nourishing lip balm, which is important is you are applying a matte lipstick. Next, you would like to line the lips and then apply the lippie of your choice! Make sure that the lip liner and the lipstick are the same colour, or very similar colors.

upgrade your makeup routine_bold lipstick

  1. Groom your eyebrows

If you don’t have time to fill them in every morning, at least you can just brush them to keep the hair in check. Most eyebrow pencils have one of these brushes built-in and you can find those everywhere. On top of brushing them, you can also draw in with the pencil to make them bolder and fuller. A nice pair of eyebrows will nicely frame your face.

  1. Up your eyelash game

If you cannot go one day without mascara because you’re natural eyelashes are thin, short and almost invisible, then giving a try to fake eyelashes would definitely upgrade your makeup routine. They give you this va va voom and will definitely make your eyes pop. You will exude confidence and definitely you won’t need any other type of makeup.

The great thing about these tips is that you can use just one of them in addition to your daily makeup routine for a little bit of extra. You can also go for them for a full glam makeup! I usually go for a red bold lip that goes with every outfit and occasion and give me extra confidence.

What are your top tips on upgrading your makeup routine?


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