Memories from Hong Kong (part 1)

We travelled to Hong Kong in January 2014 (right after NYE) and it was GREAT. It felt new to me, as I have never travelled outside Europe until then. I usually prefer bigger cities (doesn’t really apply to me living in Luxembourg, but oh well…). I loved the delicious food, really amazing weather (for January!) and I felt super safe. Stay tuned for a second post!

Hong Kong
Across our hotel in Hong Kong
View over Hong Kong
View over Hong Kong
Hong Kong skyscrapers
Hong Kong skyscrapers
peacful park in kowloon
Quiet little park in Kowloon
Hong Kong McDonalds – quite delicious!
kitty toys hong kong
Very cute but also creepy kitties
lan kwai fong
Lan Kwai Fong – the party place

Stay tuned for part two! Have you been to Hong Kong? Did you enjoy it?

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