Cat Café in Tokyo

Cat café is one of the things I have been wanting to check out for a very long time. And one of the most important things that I wanted to do in Tokyo was go to a cat café – obviously important. Because cats and because here cat cafés are so rare that you have to book ahead of time. I did some research and I found one –  Hapineko – not even 10 minutes from our airbnb. We went there, waited for maybe 5 minutes, and not necessarily because there were 3 people in front, but because it takes a few minutes to receive instructions on how to behave and then remove your shoes, coats and cleans your hands. We just took 30 minutes that passed so fast. In the fee you also have a drink included, that I barely had time to drink because I had to simply pet all the kitties.

Tokyo Cat Café

cat cafe neko tokyo

cat cafe tokyo shibuya

cats in cat cafe tokyo happy neko

Though there are several rules, except taking your shoes and coat out, and washing your hands. You should be gentle with the cats, not grab them and walk with them, not wake them up, grab them from high places; also, some of the cats had collars, a sign that they were tired and you shouldn’t touch them. There were not many people in there, maximum 10 and you will always find an available cat to pet, so to say. I remember that I was tired and grumpy before the cat café and after that I was so happy. We need more cat cafés in Europe, especially for people who cannot have pets, like me.

sleeping cat cat cafe tokyo happy neko

black cat cat cafe tokyo happy neko

cat cafe happy neko drinks

sleepin cat happy neko tokyo japan

dressed cat cat cafe tokyo

sleeping cat happy neko cat cafe tokyo

cats in cat cafe tokyo shibuya

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