The Wrap Dress

I love wearing a wrap dress. It is the perfect dress to highlight your curves, and even if you feel you don’t have any, it still is flattering because it emphasizes the chest area. And with this dress being striped, it is even more advantageous.

The Wrap Dress

This was another great piece from Sammydress. The material is very soft and was thicker than I was expecting, making it perfect for late fall and winter weather. I also like that the material is stretchy and very comfortable. One thing I did not notice when I picked the dress was a small ruffle on the left hip, which is fine for now – I will see in time if it looks like it makes my hips too wide.The Wrap Dress outfit from the side

The Wrap Dress outfit backI love a good wrap dress and love the how the material gathers the stomach. It is perfect for when you are simply bloated or you plan on going to have a huge dinner out. The dress will distract attention from a possible food baby while accentuating your figure. What more would you want??

The Wrap Dress side

The Wrap Dress outfit sittingAs this dress is longer than my knees, I opted to wear it with heels. I feel that when I wear any skirt or dress that goes a bit lower than my knees I have to wear heels otherwise I will look even tinier are shorter. Like this, my silhouette is a bit elongated and the outfit is instantly fancier. If you love this dress you can get yours directly from your phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you a curvy fashionista who wants to rock a wrap dress for fall? Check out this wrap dress outfit and see how to wear a wrap striped dress! Click through to see how you can wear it for fall!

Dress from Sammydressย  / Shoes from Hermosa (similar here, here and here)

Do you own a wrap dress? If so, what is your favourite part about it?

76 thoughts on “The Wrap Dress

  1. I love your wrap dress; it really is a timeless piece! I am dating myself here; I had a similar styled dress over 25 years ago, just a shame I don’t have it anymore!

  2. I love the dress! It looks amazing on you and I love how it is so appropriate for so many occasions. Wrap dresses look great on women of all sizes as well.

  3. This dress is great. I love wearing dresses. And I have quite a few. But not a wrap dress actually. So now I have a good excuse to go shopping for a new dress haha. I love how you wear the dress. Looks great.

  4. This wrap dress looks stunning on you. I’ve recently lost quite a bit of weight and I think I could just about pull this look off without looking frumpy. I think it’s on my wardrobe wishlist!

  5. I love when my wife wears a wrap dress. They fall so nicely and flatter her fuller figure. A real favorite is when the dress is made from a soft jersey material.

  6. I like your whole coordinates! I’m also a huge fan of wrapped dress, easy to wear and very versatile ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love how simple yet elegantly you have dressed this wrap dress. Usually I stay away from wrap dresses as I never seem to know how to dress them.

  8. Looking very gorgeous there ๐Ÿ™‚ The red shoes just complements everything so well. Wrap dress looks fab, would actually like on all black!

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