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First time I heard about Superpeach was from my best friend, and I immediately fell in love with the company and its products. Since then, I have been am regularly checking their website and I loved seeing how it grows. I love the feminine designs and the entire vibe of the brand, basically: delicate, feminine, positive!

This time, I decided to go beyond featuring their lovely products and interviewed Naomi, the founder of Superpeach.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what Superpeach stands for?

I’m Naomi and I started Superpeach – an online boutique stocking fun and flirty knickers, socks and accessories. I’m a positive person and love life! I care about things deeply and am always grateful that I’m surrounded by inspiring friends and family.

Superpeach stands for treating yourself and those around you. We believe everyday happiness is found in the smallest of things.

What does Superpeach mean to you?
Superpeach stands for chasing happiness – I quit my City job to start it and don’t have any regrets!

How did you come up with the idea for Superpeach? How about the cheeky name & logo?

I love pretty things, especially underwear so I wanted to spread the joy of beautiful knickers to make people feel great! From that, it expanded to makeup bags, keyrings etc. – I just want to make people happy!

I came up with the logo and name with help from my sister who is really creative! We wanted something to embody the fun and flirty nature of Superpeach and of course, pastel colours are the best!

What is a typical day at Superpeach?

A typical day at Superpeach is waking up, having a Vietnamese coffee which I get from my Mum’s Asian supermarket, replying to emails, working on the website, photographing new stock and Photoshopping, going to help at my Mum’s superpmarket for a few hours, then coming home to package orders to be picked up by the courier the next day, having dinner with my family, and finally hopping into bed and writing my diary- I find it’s a great release to write down how I’m feeling, and then falling asleep!

I noticed that in the past year, Superpeach has grown beautifully! Where do you see your company going in the next years?

I see Superpeach growing to be a lifestyle brand. I want to bring more happiness into everyday life so I am looking to expand my product range with more daily objects like coffee flasks, clutches, sunglasses, tshirts etc. I want Superpeach to be the go-to place when you need a pick-me-up or just want to treat yourself!

Seeing how Supearpeach is growing exponentially and nothing can stop this, I cannot wait to see it become a must have lifestyle brand. To try their adorable products myself, I went for 3 pairs of cute socks (will definitely wear them with sneakers!) and 2 pairs of lovely knickers. I love the attention to details in packing, from the cute bow on the package and the petals, to the hand written note inside the package. Make sure to check their super adorable products and let me know your favorite!

pink package

superpeach socks



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