Why you really go to the gym

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Some time ago I posted a motivational blog post about why you should go to the gym and why it’s good for you. But sometimes, there are *other* reasons that make you get out of your comfort zone and go; and you still get the benefits I mentioned before (health, happiness and confidence). I am sure I’m not the only one. Have a look πŸ™‚

  1. You subscribed for one year, so money is going automatically out from our account every month. Skipping gym without a real reason makes you feel bad for wasting money.
  2. You just had half a Ben & Jerry’s after dinner; which was a big, greasy, full of cheese pizza.
  3. The gym is 5 minutes away; some people don’t have this luxury.
  4. You just bought a pair of really cute leggings that you can only wear at the gym of when you exercise.
  5. You realise summer is approaching, which means you will soon have to wear a bikini *the horror*

Note: As mentioned before, you should mainly exercise for yourself and for your health, not for looking a certain way. But sometimes it’s those little reasons that make us push ourselves and keep up with exercising.

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