Thai Beauty Haul & Review

Wow, it has been a while since I started to write this blog post and longer since I actually bought the products. But it’s better late than never and at least now, after having used up almost all the products, I can review them more accurately.

I have learned my lesson and every time I go to Asia, I do my homework by researching local makeup and beauty brands to try. My trip to Thailand was not an exception and my VISA card bill proves it. There are many products that I wanted to get but either couldn’t find or I found alternatives better for my skin.

Snail White Cream

Without further a due, let’s start with the most popular Thai beauty product – the Snail White Cream. The snail white cream is the most popular skincare product in Thailand. There is whole range of snail-based products, but I just went with the most popular one- the concentrate facial cream.

thai beauty haul_snail white creamThe packaging is very hygienic, as there is a pump that dispenses a small amount of product at once to avoid contamination and wasting product. The consistency is rather sticky, so I would rub the cream between my fingers before applying on my face. The sticky feeling remains for a while, until the cream is completely absorbed in the skin. Afterwards my skin was feeling very smooth and bouncy. When I was using it twice per day, I could see my skin becoming smoother and brighter.

Mistine Eyeliner

Mistine is the number one Thai makeup brand. You can find it in any makeup shop and the commercials are everywhere. I remember being on a domestic flight and staring at the ads for a full hour. It was really tough to pick a product from their brand, but in the end I went with the eyeliner. This was also not easy because what’s the real difference between “black” and “super black”? In the end, annoyed that the eyeliner shelf was too high for me and the Boots shop was kinda tight and crowded, I went with super black – love that is also has a very sharp tip, perfect for the cat eye. However, I have learnt to apply eye shadow primer before using it. I was quite disappointed to see that it smudged not even after one hour.

thai beauty haul_mistine black eyelinerScentio Beauty Serum
Scentio is another Thai beauty brand that you can find at the Beauty Buffet chain. I was initially looking for a night serum and this one caught my eye as it contained hyaluronic acid. I used it twice per day but I have to be honest that I did not see an immediate difference. The consistency was more liquid than what I was expecting, but it felt nice on the skin

thai beauty haul_scentio hyaluronicScentio Night Mask
Scentio has some pretty cute looking beauty products, and this night mask with bird’s nest and gold is looking extra luxe. This night mask truly felt like a mask –it does not absorb quickly, so you would have to be careful when you go to sleep. I usually sleep on my stomach, with half of my face on the pillow – so bye to face cream on half of my face. Even if the consistency was rather thick, it felt pleasant on the skin and has a nice smell. However, I stopped using it as soon as I realized that it was making my cheeks redder as days passed by.

thai beauty haul_nigth maskAmezo VOODOO Sleeping Cream

I was looking for another Thai night cream and I was instead recommended this one by the sales assistant in Boots. I was told it is also from a Thai brand and that it has some whitening effect. It was kind of pricey and I was shocked to see how tiny the actual cream container was. However, a little goes a long way and this small container lasts quite a while.

thai beauty haul_voodoo sleeping maskThe packaging is very luxurious and love how handy it is for travelling. The consistency is very pleasant and smooth. The cream smells rather minty and it feels very fresh on the skin.The first time I tried it I did the mistake to put it on the skin too close to the eyes so I would be sure to avoid the eye area. I use this cream as the last step of my night skincare routine and I truly saw a difference the next morning, even from the first use. The skin on my cheeks is usually rather red but after nights when I use the voodoo cream, my cheeks look smoother, brighter, and less red.

Scentio Conditioner

The leave in conditioner is another product that I miss. I was looking for a hair product that would give me silky smooth hair – I ran out of patience and went for this one. I have to say it was a great choice – I would apply it on wet hair, after washing it, and that made it easy to detangle. Plus, it smells like iced peach tea and was very nourishing.

Cathy Doll Aloe Vera & Snail Gel
For me, Aloe Vera gel is synonym with Thailand. That’s when we used to apply lots of it on our skin after sunbathing. It’s perfect for hydrating and soothing the skin. I love aloe vera gels also because they are absorb easily and quickly into the skin and don’t leave your hands oily.

thai beauty haul_aloe vera and snail gelSrichand Clay Powder

This is actually one product that I keep forgetting about and I haven’t tried yet. This is also part of my shopping fails – I was blinded by the cute package and did not pay attention. Instead of getting their best product, the mattifying powder, I actually got clay powder. Which is completely different. The clay powder has to be mixed with water and becomes clay (obviously!) perfect for purifying your skin.

thai beauty haul_clay

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