Tan Suede Jacket

I am slightly obsessed with all things suede for some months now, and every time I saw a tan suede jacket or skirt, I was between giving in the Instagram suede craze or resist it. I resisted for some time, and then I couldn’t until I found my long tan suede jacket in New Yorker, when I went back home for spring. I tried it on and it felt a bit too long, but my Instagram followers were there to advise me that the jacket was perfect! After thinking and asking my parents and my sister several times ‘Don’t you think it was too long? You sure?’ I went the next day and got it.

Tan Suede Jacket

I love the material, the colour and the cut – but the problem with this material is that it wrinkles quickly. When I came home, I washed it and let it dry on a hanger, but the wrinkles were still there. I did some Googling and found that, obviously, I have to iron it, but be very careful. You would have to put a cotton cloth under it and one on top, and with an iron (not too hot), press on the wrinkles until they are evened out. Now, this can be quite tedious, and wrinkles may not fully disappear (why??) but the big ones managed to be smoother.

Tan Suede Jacket Outfit Summer copy

I found my tan suede jacket to go really well with a white top and blue jeans! It has been my dream combo, even better with ripped jeans (for sure I need to destroy them even more than a simple cut at the knees) and my white sandals (another year long obsession…)

Did you also give into the suede craze? Would you wear a tan suede jacket? How would you wear it?

Tan Suede Jacket from New Yorker / White T-shirt and sandals from H&M / Jeans from Tally Weijl

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8 thoughts on “Tan Suede Jacket

  1. loved your outfit on this post and your photos as well! suede jacket is such a classic item to have in your wardrobe. I also have a beige suede jacket and I wear it either with a dress or white trouser, jeans and shorts with a white top! <3

  2. I think the wrinkles are totally worth it if you factor in how gorgeous it is. I really like the shoes with it! I used to think they were too long too but when I see more and more people wearing them, I’m thinking about getting one too! Beautiful<3

  3. I was actually thinking of getting a jacket in this exact same color, but shorter! My friend bought hers from Stradivarius and she uses it all the time. It’s so good with everything! But now that I’ve seen your jacket, I think I like yours better. The length of the jacket looks good!

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