Taiwanese beauty: 5 brands you have to try

TAiwanese beauty brands

Ever thought of Taiwanese beauty? Everybody right now is obsessed with Korean and Japanese beauty that we sometime forget about everybody else. I love to not only travel to new places in Asia, but also discover local beauty brands. I also researched Thai beauty brands before my trip to Thailand and was not disappointed. So shortly after I booked my trip to Taiwan, I got to researching Taiwanese beauty brands. I am extremely grateful that I got to collaborate with two of them. Two brands whose products I have been enjoying a lot and would definitely recommend them to my readers. Curious about the Taiwanese beauty brand landscape? Keep scrolling to read more about 4 brands you must try!

Aeria Skin

I have already raved about Aeria Skin in a dedicated blog post. But before you head over there, let me sum it up for you. Their sheet masks are super hydrating, smell amazing, have tons of essence, stick very nicely to the skin and the packaging is innovative!

taiwanese beauty aeriaskin hydrating sheet mask

Annie’s Way

I tried from Annie’s Way both jelly asks and sheet masks. Jelly masks are super purifying and refreshing. You have to add a thick layer that is slowly drying. After washing it out, you are ready to add a sheet mask. One of my favorites was the sheet mask with hyaluronic acid and seaweed. Loved how Annie’s Way masks are also very thin and soft, making them easy to stick to the skin. And let’s not forget how packed with essence they are! Always adding the extra liquid to my neck and use it as essence in my skincare routine the following day.

My beauty diary

My beauty diary is actually the first Taiwanese beauty brand I heard about. I saw it first on YesStyle, during one of my many virtual shopping sprees. It was at the top of my shopping list when I went to Taiwan. And boy, was I not disappointed! Upon entering any drugstore in Taiwan, I was greeted with shelves and shelves of My Beauty Diary, with so many different sheet masks, that made is very difficult to chose. On top of this, there were also discounts if you were getting 2 boxes instead of one. The most popular sheet mask are the Imperial Bird’s Nest Mask and the Black Pearl – and I got a box of each.

Dr. Morita

Dr Morita has a lot of skincare products, but I have only tried so far their eye masks. First of all, I love that that they are tissue masks. I prefer those as they stick better to my skin and don’t slip easily compared to the hydrogel ones. Second, they are bigger than the classic eye masks, as they also cover a part of the cheek. My cheeks are dehydrated, so this is a bonus for me. And third, they have a lot of essence that you can distribute over the rest of the face and your neck.

TAiwanese beauty brands


I did find this brand in my Taiwanese beauty research, but did not actively look for it in shops. Until the last day, when we were heading back to out hotel, through the mall under it. That’s when a cute sales assistant slapped on my hand a small sheet mask and told us about L’Herboflore. I had already spent a lot of money on sheet masks until then, and the L’Herboflore sheet masks were more pricey that what I got so far. But I did get my hands on one sheet masks and now I’m addicted! And this makes it difficult especially because they are hard to find online.

Taiwanese beauty has definitely stolen my heart and I make it my life’s mission to try all the types of sheet masks from My Beauty Diary (#ripwallet). But this is part of enjoying the skincare journey.  Have you every thought of trying other Asian beauty products except Korean beauty? Would you try Taiwanese beauty?

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