Skincare is self-care

We are all doing a skincare routine or putting a nice mask on; not only when it’s necessary for the skin, but also when we feel down and depressed. Many people are saying that skincare is self-care. And I agree. While putting a sheet mask when we are depressed might feel like a trying to fix a bullet wound with a band-aid, skincare is self-care.

Taiwanese Beauty: Aeria Skin

So you guys know I have been trying Korean & Japanese beauty for a while now. But have you ever tried Taiwanese beauty (or Thai? stay tuned for a post on that one!)? I first noticed adorable sheet mask packages on YesStyle, and then I dug deeper and found a LOT of Taiwanese brands that make amazing products in lovely packaging. I was so excited when I received three packages with sheet mask from Aeria Skin. When choosing the sheet masks, I went for masks that would hydrate and brighten.

Mini LUSH Haul

LUSH is one of my favorite brands when it comes to skincare – not only they smell great, but they are also great for the skin. I never had any issues or side effects when using their products! I have already reviewed several other LUSH products and I figured I should do the same with my recent purchases.