The secret to achieving your dreams

We are all dreaming of better lives, better version of ourselves. We are all trying to hustle our way to our dream lives. This blog post is for those that know the struggle, and the hard work involved, but also for those that might see the end result but not the hard work that led … Continue reading

How blogging changed my life & style

When I started blogging more than 3 years ago, it was to have an online portfolio of my photography, writing and social media skills. It started as a visual diary and has now grown into a resource for fashion inspiration, beauty products recommendations, and travel tips.I am an introvert … Continue reading

How to recharge your creativity

Do you ever find yourself in front of an open Word doc and there is nothing that comes to your mind? Do you ever have this great pair of boots but you have no inspiration how to style them? Or lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling and feeling like you cannot possibly come up with new ideas? … Continue reading

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Losing weight is definitely one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Every holiday season, we are eating every 2 hours and are constantly full of delicious food. And every year we vouch that after this food coma is done, as soon as the new year comes through the door, we will magically be … Continue reading