Luxembourg : Schueberfouer

Schueberfouer is a Luxembourgish annual fair at the end of August / beginning of September. This year, it was the 675th edition, with the first edition in 1340! It was set to begin on the eve of St Bartholomeus day and to last 8 days. Even today it is linked to this holiday and it begins on the … Continue reading

Luxembourg: Snooze Pub

Some time ago we checked out the Snooze Pub in Luxembourg City. I have seen several snaps & blog posts on it, so I decided we should definitely give it a try. I think we were lucky to try it on a Saturday during the day because it wasn't really full. We loved the interior and I was especially … Continue reading

Luxembourg: Schengen & Remerschen

Last week we checked out Schengen and Remerschen, as we initially wanted to head out for some lake to take advantage of a very hot Sunday. Both villages are known for their wine and are near the point where the borders of Luxembourg, Germany and France meet. Schengen is also famous for the signing … Continue reading
Vianden Luxembourg_above_sq

Luxembourg: Vianden

Some time ago, during a nice sunny Sunday in spring, we took a short trip to Vianden, a small city in the north-east of Luxembourg. We found it really nice to explore cities in Luxembourg and the Greater Region on week-ends exactly because it doesn't take more than a few hours and it's a nice … Continue reading

Luxembourg: Echternach

We spend last Sunday walking around Echternach. I read the night before that the region around - Mülerthall - is gorgeous, with beautiful nature and perfect for hiking. However, I myself am not such an active person, so we just went for a walk to the old centre of Echternach.Echternach is a … Continue reading