2017 Holiday Gift Guide: the Best of Beauty

Happy Holidays and welcome to my second gift guide of the season: Holiday Gift Guide – the best of Beauty! The following list includes products that I have tried myself for enough time to recommend them wholeheartedly! As I am a skincare lover, this list is exclusively covering products meant to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin. Plus – an amazing hair oil, also meant to give you the best hair of your life!

Here’s a gift guide full of ideas, guaranteed to make every woman on your holiday list glow!

Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Korean Beauty Lovers

Holiday season is here and I am so excited to share with you my first holiday gift guide! As you all know, I am a Korean beauty lover and I felt it was fair to have a gift guide that consists only of K-Beauty (some Japanese products too, you’ll see 😉 ). This gift guide is unique and perfect for both K-Beauty obsessed people (like me) but also people interested in trying out new and interesting products. I remember being with a friend while opening up the package with the products and she was pleasantly surprised by how unique and amazing each of them were! I guarantee that offering a K-Beauty gift to your health and beauty conscious friends will be more interesting (and cheaper) than tech gifts like fitness trackers or instant pots.
As you will see, the products I chose are meant to offer extra hydration during the cold winter days – you will definitely see some amazing face creams and masks! As always, I recommend here products that I tested myself and you will see my honest opinion. Now, enough chit-chat and let’s get gift shopping!