Thai Beauty Haul & Review

Wow, it has been a while since I started to write this blog post and longer since I actually bought the products. But it’s better late than never and at least now, after having used up almost all the products, I can review them more accurately.

I have learned my lesson and every time I go to Asia, I do my homework by researching local makeup and beauty brands to try. My trip to Thailand was not an exception and my VISA card bill proves it. There are many products that I wanted to get but either couldn’t find or I found alternatives better for my skin.

Japanese Beauty Haul

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is the biggest drugstore in Japan. Think of it as a German DM or Rossmann on steroids. When I found them in Tokyo, they would often be on two levels absolutely packed of products. You would barely have space to move in the aisle.

When I was in Bangkok and went to the famous MBK Center, I absolutely freaked out when I saw a Mastumoto Kiyoshi. It was rather small and did not get that feeling of crowdedness, but it still had many must have Japanese beauty products.

I really had to replenish my stock of sheet mass, this was the perfect opportunity. Ordering sheet masks online is possible but shipping can take 2-3 weeks; then there’s shipping fees and sometimes, even customs fees. So when I saw the opportunity for bulk shopping of sheet masks, I took it!

Benefit Cosmetics Review

I first discovered Benefit Cosmetics when I went to London last year in December, and I have to say that their products are amazing! I initially wanted a great concealer to cover my dark circles, after checking out the drugstore products and also the high end booths, I decided to go for Benefit.