Shopping List: Winter Necessities

Weather now is the coldest it has been this winter! Keep scrolling to check out Alena's winter necessities to stay warm:Doomsday is almost here. Just kidding, it’s just winter! Either way, you still need to be prepared! My name is Alena. I’m a life, style and beauty blogger for Love … Continue reading

3 ways to style a metallic top

Metallic clothing is often associated with special occasions, like your birthday or the New Year’s Eve party. Occasions where wearing sparkly metallic over the top outfits is acceptable. But this is not necessarily true. There are many ways you can style metallic clothing and incorporate it into … Continue reading

Top blog posts of 2017

What better way to start 2018 than having a look back at 2017? This year, my blog and social media have been growing tremendously. I am happy to see that all the free time & weekends that I put in are paying off. I started this blog as a hobby to get my creativity flowing, to improve my … Continue reading