Korean Beauty: Purito

Purito is a Korean Beauty brand founded in 2014, but only recently I have seen it everywhere on Instagram and I am happy that I was contacted by eopenmarket to review some of their products. I went for four products – two full sized ones, and two as samples, so I can give them a try without having a too full beauty stash.
Purito claims that their products are made with pure and natural ingredients, thus the name “Purito”. They are not only trying to achieve having the best and safest ingredients in their products, but they are also caring for the environment. They simplified packaging made from recycled paper and they do not test on animals. Keep scrolling to see my mini-routine featuring Purito products!

Japanese Beauty Haul

Matsumoto Kiyoshi is the biggest drugstore in Japan. Think of it as a German DM or Rossmann on steroids. When I found them in Tokyo, they would often be on two levels absolutely packed of products. You would barely have space to move in the aisle.

When I was in Bangkok and went to the famous MBK Center, I absolutely freaked out when I saw a Mastumoto Kiyoshi. It was rather small and did not get that feeling of crowdedness, but it still had many must have Japanese beauty products.

I really had to replenish my stock of sheet mass, this was the perfect opportunity. Ordering sheet masks online is possible but shipping can take 2-3 weeks; then there’s shipping fees and sometimes, even customs fees. So when I saw the opportunity for bulk shopping of sheet masks, I took it!

Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Korean Beauty Lovers

Holiday season is here and I am so excited to share with you my first holiday gift guide! As you all know, I am a Korean beauty lover and I felt it was fair to have a gift guide that consists only of K-Beauty (some Japanese products too, you’ll see 😉 ). This gift guide is unique and perfect for both K-Beauty obsessed people (like me) but also people interested in trying out new and interesting products. I remember being with a friend while opening up the package with the products and she was pleasantly surprised by how unique and amazing each of them were! I guarantee that offering a K-Beauty gift to your health and beauty conscious friends will be more interesting (and cheaper) than tech gifts like fitness trackers or instant pots.
As you will see, the products I chose are meant to offer extra hydration during the cold winter days – you will definitely see some amazing face creams and masks! As always, I recommend here products that I tested myself and you will see my honest opinion. Now, enough chit-chat and let’s get gift shopping!