T.G.I.Week-end: Relaxing GIFs + DIY Mascara

reading newspaper in bed with breakfast
Breakfast in bed [Image credit]
Hope you are all having a great week-end and that you’ll all enjoy the selection of links I concocted for you – stuff to make you happy, relaxed and motivated 🙂 Happy surfing!

instagram blue sky carousel
Matt Crump [Image credit]
sea relaxation
Relaxation by the sea [Image credit]
Tara Milk Tea [Image credit]
Sushi [image credit]
flavored water
Strawberry, cucumber and lime water [Image credit]
  • Juice Detox done right – People are going crazy over juicing and detoxes (also infused water). So if you want to have a little juice detox, you can follow this guide. It is the best juicing guide I found so far.

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