Sunscreen on-the-go to save your skin

In the past years I have been taking care of my skin more and more. I am paying more attention to my skincare routines, and being more and more consistent about sticking with them. As I am already past my mid-20s, I am glad I started the skincare journey a few years ago. Time passes my quickly and it’s important to take anti-aging precautions. The most important step – very crucial – is sun protection. No matter how many anti-aging products you put on your face, it’s all pointless without applying sun protection. A study even showed that applying sunscreen can reverse signs of aging.

I have been diligently applying sunscreen on my face & neck for the past 3 years or so, no matter the weather or season. That being said, once that warm and sunny weather came, I went looking for sunscreen in spray form. I found one in Thailand before, but I felt that it was still too milky and not misty enough. I was over the moon when my local supermarket stocked on such goodies!

sunscreen on the go_SPF products 3Sunscreen mist

The first sunscreen on the go I got was a small one, especially for the face. I was looking for something light, misty (not milky), that I can easily reapply throughout the day. This is especially great when you are out in the sun and your are sweating. I would have to apply creamy sunscreen all over my sweaty face – it would be a mess. Spraying is much easier and this is one must have in my bag. It has SPF50, so that is the best!

Body sunscreen spray

I was still looking for a sunscreen spray for the body, that I can also apply easily without the mess of a milky/creamy sunscreen. I did not find something like that in my supermarket, so when I was in Taiwan, I stocked up on a Japanese sunscreen spray. It smells great, very easy to apply, refreshing, and adorable packaging! This is my favorite to apply in summer, when it’s very warm and I don’t have the patience of applying traditional sunscreen.

Hand cream with SPF

This is one thing that I have been searching for. I don’t want to carry around traditional sunscreen that can be too heavy for summer days. I also didn’t want to smell of traditional sunscreen, like I am just heading to the beach. I noticed this hand cream at Rituals during my last shopping spree. The skincare addict inside of me screamed with joy when I saw hand cream with SPF. It doesn’t have much – just 15 SPF – but this is better than nothing! Even if I am a fan of sunscreen spray, I can manage this hand cream. Especially because it smells fresh and it’s quite light.

sunscreen on the go_SPF products 2

Looking for more on-the-go sunscreen protection?

6 thoughts on “Sunscreen on-the-go to save your skin

  1. As I was reading your post, I was thinking that it would be nice if you were able to bring back some of these products from your travels and sell them here in the US. Then, hooray! You have the products listed for sale at the bottom of your post. Nice! I also like the way you have your page set up with links and visuals connecting the reader to related articles. Thanks for posting this, and have a super day!

  2. Great information! I had no idea sunscreen could reverse signs of aging ( I should start applying more often haha). I like using the spray ons for my little guy, I agree with you, I don’t really like the milky ones. Thanks for sharing!

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