Summer Trends 2016

Summer Trends 2016

Summer is here and sales are too! Even if the clothes on sale are from the last season, I can guarantee that they are as fashionable as ever, with several summer trends from last year coming again this year. I’m talking about lace work, stripes, and sheer clothes. Get ready for shopping and check out my top 5 summer trends for 2016!

Summer Trends 2016

The Slip Dress

Summer Trends 2015 - The Slip Dress
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A 90s classic, the slip dress with spaghetti straps is making a comeback among this year’s summer trends. Try it in silk or suede, from pure white, beiges and pastels to midnight blue and pitch black. It is perfect for hot summer days, but even for capricious weather, when you can throw a cozy sweater on top. If you find the slip dress too revealing, put a simple white tee under it!

Off the Shoulder

off the shoulder blouses
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One of my favourite trends is the off the shoulder. I simply love it, it has a touch of femininity and is perfect for summer. You can have tops and dresses completely off the shoulder or supported by some spaghetti straps.

Lingerie Details

Summer Trends 2016 - Lingerie Details
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One of the biggest runway trends are the lingerie accents. It’s all about sheer texture, laces, silks and satins.
The boho dress
The Summer Trends 2016 - The Boho Dress
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Summer trends in general are all about light delicate clothes, with long lacey dresses, white and ivory, long or short, perfect for a summer in the city or by the beach.

Breton stripes

Every summer, the stripes are back in season, and this year’s summer trends are not leaving them out! Check them out in blue/white, red/white or any other colour combination, and in various materials, from cotton and knit to satin.

What is your favourite trend for the summer?

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13 thoughts on “Summer Trends 2016

  1. Stripes blouses are my favorites, I have several of them and usually wear them with a pair of jeans. I can see here that they could be combined with elegant outfits, too.

  2. I want a slip dress so bad now – the pic of the girl with a coffee is 100% my style! Thanks for the inspo

  3. loved your post and your style, especially the slip and boho dresses and the lingerie tops. I must buy a slip dress this summer <3

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