Summer Outfit with Pastels

I am so happy that summer is here! More specifically, the fact that the weather is getting sunnier and a bit warmer. I am not a fan of temperatures over 30C on a daily basis (even though I spend my holidays in over 35C). You might remember this gorgeous pastel pink body from a post from last summer, when wore it with a pink skirt for a fully pink outfit.

I am starting to wear loving bodies because they are (1) very comfortable and (2) they are so easy to wear without any tucking issues. Whenever I wear tops that I want to tuck in my jeans, I am constantly trying to adjust them, always making sure that my lower back is covered when I sit but also that the top is not too loose or too tight when I stand. A real struggle, I tell you!

summer outit with pastels 5

summer outfit with pastels 3
This time I went for a more comfortable combination and paired it with my newest super comfy jeans. I actually got these jeans during my trip to Taiwan, and got them from a Taiwanese brand, 50 percent. They caught my eye because they had a big tag on them saying “-6kg” so I thought “why not give them a try and see if they really make me look like I lost 6 kg”. Even if I am petite, I am not as skinny as I used to be, so I went for the biggest jean size. I was quite surprised that I fit in it and could actually go a size down. I don’t know about you guys, but I think that I look quite ok in the jeans and the only thing that might make me look like I lost weight is the high waist that elongates my body.

summer outfit with pastels 6

summer outfit with pastels 2
I love chic casual outfits and this one is one of my favorites! Because not outfit is complete without accessories, I chose this lovely pastel pink bag, very versatile and also big enough to fit all my essentials (wallet, 5 lipsticks, keys, water bottle, several supermarket receipts etc). And it came with an adorable grey fluffy accessory too! The bag was gifted to me by the Leather Skin Shop. You can check out their other lovely bags as well as leather jackets!

summer outfit pastel bag 2

summer outfit pastel bag
Body is sold out (similar here, here and here) / Jeans from 50% FIFTY PERCENT / Bag from Leather Skin Shop

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