How to style your summer dress in winter

style summer dress winter

Bored of wearing knits all day long? Fed up of sweaters and jeans? Missing summer but unable to wear your favorite summer dress? Don’t fret, for it is very possible to wear your favorite flowy summer dress into winter! Might be freezing outside, but that does not mean you cannot infuse some warmer vibes into your outfit.

Styling your summer dresses in winter not only bring some freshness to your outfit, but you are getting your money’s worth by being able to wear them all year round.

style summer dress winter
style summer dress winter

How to wear your summer dress and not freeze

The key to not freeze your a** off is layering. I have already mentioned this week 3 ways you can layer in winter to stay warm and stylish. In the particular case of a summer dress, it’s pretty much the same. Depending on the cut and pattern of the dress, you can either layer on top, or under.

This particular rose dress is a bit transparent in the top part. So it’s the perfect opportunity to layer with a black tank top or turtleneck. Because it’s winter, you should not even think of wearing dresses without thick tights!

For shoes, I went with Chelsea boots, but you can definitely also go with over the knee boots (for added protection against the cold). Complete the look with your warmest coat and your cosiest scarf. You are ready to go and slay the day, despite the freezing weather!

style summer dress winter 5
style summer dress winter
style summer dress winter 5

How are you taking your summer dresses into winter?

2 thoughts on “How to style your summer dress in winter

  1. Great tips. I love wearing dresses st any time of year but usually pair them woth a thick cardigan and tights. Do you layer the turtle neck over or underneath the dress (if it was long sleeved)?

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