Summer 2015 trends

summer trend 2015

Summer is here and sales too! Even if the clothes on sale are from the last season, I can guarantee that they are as fashionable as ever – you just have to look out for specific colours and patterns. To help me upgrade and sort my wardrobe, I picked my top 5 trends for this summer.

Stripes. I love stripes, I really do, but they are ‘in’ every summer, so I see nothing special about it. The problem is also that I feel the only stripes I see are the horizontal white & navy blue ones., where I see nothing new, to be honest.  I find other kind of stripes more interesting, like vertical stripes, stripes with different thickness or stripes that incorporate patterns in them.

stripes 2015 trend -vertical horizontal patterned
Altuzarra / Victoria Beckham / Tadashi Shoji [Image credit]
Lace work. I love lace, especially the white one. One of my favourite dresses it a white lace dress that I love to match with beige shoes & belt. I also have a dark blue peplum lace top, which I feel it’s a bit tricky to wear at the office, considering I’d have to wear some kind of tank top under it to feel comfortable in it. What I also love is lace or crocheted insertions in tops.

lace summer trend 2015
Givenchy / Valentino / Louis Vuitton [Image credit]
Sheer and transparent. I prefer when they’re combined with an opaque material. For example, a top with transparent sleeves and an opaque back and front. Or a long sheer skirt with a smaller one, opaque under. I really love this kind of combinations as they add mystery and elegance.

sheer summer trend 2015
Chanel / Issa / Chloe [Image credit]
Mix & Match. This one is very tricky, and I’m never good at it, I usually don’t mix patterns. My mother taught me to combine a monochrome piece with a patterned one, where the colour of the former is found in the pattern of the latter. You can never fail with this. I love to see other people mixing patterns, and I always think I’m not brave enough to do it.

mix match summer 2015 trend
Dries van Noten / Saint Laurent / Prada [Image credit]
Bold colours & patterns. I’m talking about electric blues, big polka dots and pop art patterns. This is something I’m working one, as I have already purchased a blue shirt.

bold trend summer 2015
Miu Miu / Loewe / Dolce & Gabanna [Image credit]
What are your favourite trends like now?

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