How to style co-ord sets and two-piece outfits

Wearing two-piece set can be a great and easy way to have an outfit that looks put together. You avoid the hassle of having to mix and match the top and the bottom and if you choose something that fits your style, you have yourself a winning combination. When you say ‘two-piece’, most people think of the classic women’s suit made of skirt and blazer or the 2000s velour tracksuits – for some, these may sound boring. But a co-ord outfit does not have to be that way.

Keep scrolling to see my tips and tricks on how you can find the perfect matching two-piece set and lots of inspiration from other fashion bloggers and me to help you on your next shopping spree. I have split the article into the type of outfits: casual (for every day and in most situations), comfy (when you want to be chill, like travelling or having a girls’ night in) and elegant (fancy date night, work event)

Chic Casual two-piece outfits

By ‘chic casual’ I mean outfits that you can wear pretty much every day and in every situation. You can dress like this going to work, on a date night, going shopping or even when travelling. As I said, the beauty of co-ords is that you can not only wear them for any occasion but they are so easy to wear and put together. They are ideal for when you don’t have the time and patience to construct an outfit.

For chic casual, you want to choose materials such as cotton or linen blends. Go for classic cuts that are never going out of style. When it comes to colours, I would opt for neutrals (shades of beige, brown, grey) or deep colours (burgundy, midnight blue, deep green etc). If you are a fan of patterns, again, opt for more classic ones such a gingham, houndstooth or plaid. These may sound boring, but the key here is to have a versatile two-pieces that you can than accessorise according to the occasion. You want to dress it up a bit? Wear statement jewellery and high heels. Want to keep it more casual? Wear your comfiest sneakers.

How to style co-ord sets and two-piece outfits- checkered set

Trousers and top co-ord

Trousers and top is the easiest co-ord you can go for. The trousers can be long or short, and the same goes for the sleeves of the top. You can have shorts with a cami top for the hot summer days, to a thick cotton trousers and long-sleeve sweater for the cold winter days. If you are looking for a set that you can wear all year round, opt for long trousers and a top with sleeves. When it’s warm, you can wear it with sandals or sneakers, and when it’s cold you can wear it with leggings underneath, warm cardigan, and ankle boots. Whichever the sear, a two-piece outfit has your back!

Casual Comfy two-piece outfits

Casual comfy is for when you want something that looks nice but is extremely comfortable – think of wearing a cute loungewear set outside when you’re shopping, visiting friends or even travelling. When you want to look cute, put together, but don’t want to dress up. I usually wear a casual comfy two-piece with sneakers, no matter the season. For these type of outfits, I would also go for cotton blends and even knitted fabric. In terms of colour, I would go with whatever you want, from neutrals and pastels, to deep colours or even flashy ones.

How to style co-ord sets and two-piece outfits - glittery set with faux fur coat

Trousers and sweatshirt

This combination is my favourite – and I have been eyeing some cute pastel two-piece outfits. I would love a lavender or pastel green set! But also a creamy knit set for winter, when it’s colder. Similarly to the chic casual sets, you can also dress up a casual comfy set with jewellery. In this case, I would not necessarily go for statement jewellery, but rather dainty jewelry, such as necklaces that you can layer, for example.

How to style co-ord sets and two-piece outfits - trousers and sweatshirt co-ord

Elegant two-piece sets

This is where the classic women’s suit would fit it. A skirt or trousers and blazer is a must have set for any woman. You can wear this for an professional setting (interview, business meeting, daily office wear). While the safest way is to go for neutral colours and classic patterns, it does not have to be boring.

Trousers or skirt and blazer

You can opt for a skirt and blazer tweed set in a pastel colours or black & white, for a Chanel vibe. You can go for a trousers and blazer set in lavender, that you can pair with black heels and dainty jewelry. For winter, you can go for a cotton houndstooth trouser or skirt and blazer set.

No matter the season, the occasion or your personal style, you are bound to find a matching co-ord set. Start with classic pieces in patterns and colours that will never go out of style. Start with a trouser and blue set in a deep blue or black; work your way towards more casual sets that you can just grab off the shelf and go. The beauty of having co-ord sets in classic patterns and colours is that you can also mix and match them for even more outfits! Don’t forget to choose the right shoe and jewellery for the appropriate occasion and you are good to go!

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How to style co-ord sets and two-piece outfits
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How to style co-ord sets and two-piece outfits
Wearing two-piece outfits can be a great and easy way to have an outfit that looks put together. You avoid the hassle of having to mix and match the top and the bottom and if you choose something that fits your style, you have yourself a winning combination.
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  1. I love your co-ord sets especially the first plaid one! It is so adorable. And all the inspiration outfits are really wonderful, too! I think I only have co-ord set of a skirt and top and I have never worn them together. I need to style them like a dress after seeing this post! Thanks for linking with me!


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