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This striped shirt and I was love at first sight. I have been wearing it a couple of times, but I managed to snap some photos last weekend, when I went in the city for some sister time; shopping and walking around in the rain but we still managed to find a sheltered place for some. This striped shirt is my most recent acquisition and I love it because the material is so soft and I also it’s not that easy to find clothes with vertical stripes!

striped shirt outfit top

striped shirt outfit closeup

Here I pair it with my black jeans, boots and jacket – if the weather was not so rainy, I would trade my boots for my laced up flats. I will definitely wear this shirt in summer, with jeans shorts – and oh, this is the longest shirt I ever had. It comes almost to the half of my thigh so I had to tuck in a lot of material in my jeans.

striped shirt outfit_2

What do you think of striped shirts? Are you a fan of them or not really?

17 thoughts on “Striped Shirt

  1. I really love stripes at the moment. I think if they’re vertical as well they can make you look taller and slimmer in the torso area – which is great for short people like me.
    It look’s like a great addition to your wardrobe too! So versitile! Great post! xxx

  2. I really like stiped shirts just because they dress up your outfit so easily. I never tried vertical stripes before though. Really nice look xx

  3. Love the vertical strips because of the optical illusion they create – drawing the eye up and down!

  4. I personally am not a fan of stripes, but the way you put it together with your outfit is adorable! I do love long shirts and seeing as how you said the material is soft, I’d most definitely try it. Very cute 🙂

  5. I love stripped shirts, and your look is super cool, I totally like it.
    I don’t know I have a thing for stripped shirts… Hehehhee

  6. I used to love stripes but a lot of the shirts I had as a child were horizontal stripes. I soon became self conscious about stripes in general. Lately, though I love vertical stripes and think it can be styled so nicely. You look great and I love your shirt!

  7. I think everything stripes just spice up the outfit so effortlessly ! I dont own a lot of stripes shirts but I could definitely invest in some ! you look beautiful

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