My Favorite Spring/Summer 2019 Trends

Today it’s officially the first day of Spring, so now is the time to get those runway trends into your closet as soon as possible! Some of them have been with us for a while now, some are timeless, and some are making a comeback after decades. No matter what trend you go for, don’t forget to make it suit your own personal style

Animal print

I think animal print never goes out of style. But I have seen recently a flood of animal print everywhere both on Instagram and blogs, and in shops. While it’s mostly leopard print, mix it up with zebra, crocodile or snake print.

Polka dots

Polka dots are so timeless and always perfect for spring and summer! So happy to have chose my green dress with white polka dots.

Biker shorts

Biker shorts have been all over Instagram in the past year, especially paired with blazers and dad sneakers. Seems like they will not be out of fashion any time soon, so with spring here, better stock up on biker shorts!


I remember being obsessed with it and even making tie-dye on some of my t-shirts! No matter how you style it, it will always remind me of the 90s.

Bold Suits

A great suit is something I am currently missing. While I do have nice blazers and nice pants, I would love to have a bold suit. How about a bright pink suit or a patterned suit?

Monochrome neutrals

You can never go wrong with monochrome neutrals, ever. They will always exude stylishness and confidence. That’s why I plan to get my hands on a beige spring trenchoat!

Butterfly details

Am I the only one who remembers those sequined butterfly tops from the 90s? If you still have one at the bottom of your closet, now it’s time to bring it back!


If there is a time to wear neons, then it’s definitely now – it’s always perfect for spring and summer

Mettalic plaid

I actually find mettalic plaid to be such a cool trend – take a classic timeless pattern and make it extra bold and fabulous!


Jumpsuits in neutrals or bold colours are in this spring. And who wouldn’t want such a versatile and comfortable item in one’s closet?

Colourful fringes

Remember those fringed tees in the 90s? I was not a super fan of them, but loved to DIY them from old tshirts. But now looking at them all colourful, I feel kind of tempted. ‚Äč

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Spring/Summer 2019 Trends

  1. I LOVE polka dots I am so glad you included them in your favourite spring/summer trends. I have seen lots of butterfly prints recently I am yet to find one that I would love to own though but hey it’s only the beginning of spring/summer so I have got time.

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