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Spring is still far in time, considering the very cold weathers we are having now in Luxembourg, but a light spring makeup never hurt anyone, right? Spring make-up is all about soft pastels, pink eye shadows, a bi of blush on the cheeks and lightly colored lips. This is exactly the vibe of the Spring Summer 2018 Make-up Collection from Shiro. Shiro is a Japanese skincare brand, whose mission is to enhance natural beauty by using natural methods. Their philosophy is to be closely in touch with the producers of the ingredients and want to bring the customers rich natural fragrances. Even though Shiro is a skincare brand, they are also having a lovely range of cosmetics in their collection.

Spring Makeup ShiroI have received 3 products from their latest Spring Summer 2018 Make-up Collection – check them out below!

Mint Ginger Lip Butter

I love the matte semi-transparent packaging and the colour looks lovely. At first I thought it would be a colored liquid lipstick. Upon opening it, I could smell a faint fresh and pleasant smell from the bottle. The applicator is a doe foot one, so that makes it easy to apply. The “butter” is not a lipstick, but rather a gloss – transparent with a hint of pink. The smell is stronger when applied and feels fresh on the lips. It made me think of the Too Faced lip injection plumper, but here there is no pain, just freshness. The taste is faint but also minty. The smell and taste are what the name says – mint and ginger combined. I have never seen a gloss smell so fresh and unique. All lipsticks would usually have a sweet, vanilla cakey smell.

Spring_Makeup_Shiro_Mint Ginger Lip Butter

The consistency is rather thick – buttery like the name suggests. If you apply it on the bare lips, it will also feel hydrating. I would usually apply lip balm before any other lip products, but in this case, you can skip it.

The shade I received is a beautiful coral pink and there are other shades you can choose other shades of red and pink, and even more glittery ones .

Kombu Mascara Primer & Kombu Mascara

I am not sure I heard of mascara primer until now, but I definitely did not see the point of it when I got it. Upon opening it, I could see that it’s a thick white mascara-like liquid inside and I was rather skeptical. Who needs a mascara primer? Why does everything have to be primed now?

Spring_Makeup_Shiro_Mascara PrimerI never ditch a product until I try it several times, so I went on trying the mascara primer the next day, on freshly clean eyelashes. Boy, was I amazed! The primer not only prepared my lashes by gently curling them and strengthening them all the way., but it is also protecting them throughout the day. After applying it, my eyelashes were already looking longer and curlier.

Tip: the mascara primer can actually be used also at night, before going to sleep, as eyelash treatment!

After applying the mascara, I could see my eyelashes long, curly, black all the way through and evenly dispersed. I loved not having my eyelashes clumped together, like most mascaras. While the mascara is not waterproof, it does have to be removed with special eye makeup remover.

Spring_Makeup_Shiro_MascaraBoth the primer and the mascara contain kombu and yuzu peel oil to hydration and fresh fragrance. Curious what “kombu” is? It’s actually a type of seaweed and a staple in the pantry of most Japanese households! The kombu being used in the mascaras is viscous, moisturizing and can be found only in some parts of the ocean. This explains why my eyelashes are looking better than ever!

Spring_Makeup_Shiro_packagingI love the clean minimalistic packaging with neutral, soft colours. I love the simplicity of the writing – shiro – over the plain background. They are great make-up products for daily use. They are not only of very high quality, but they are also very nourishing and smell fresh! What are your go to products for a spring makeup?


32 thoughts on “Spring Makeup with Shiro

  1. My go to products are TonyMoly’s BCDation and several lip tints. My previous mascara is from Nature Republic, it’s almost finished. I think I have to try Shiro!

  2. Mint and Ginger as a combination is becoming quite the popular thing to have, in sure it is Jo Malone who has just brought out a lip balm with those exact flavours.

  3. I don’t use make up but my best friend is an addict so I am familiar with this brand Shiro and they seem to make nothing but quality products.

  4. I have never heard of Shiro but now I want to try them all! I love the fact that the lip butter is moisturising, especially in this harsh weather. I have never heard of a mascara primer but it sounds like it is a miracle product. I would loved to have seen the products on you (a before and after type of thing) Either way I am going to look into sourcing some of these!

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