Skinnea Coffee Review: Does It Work?

skinnea coffee review

When Skinnea Coffee contacted me to try out their coffee, I said “Why not?”. For a coffee addict, this sounds like the perfect way to give my weight loss journey a boost. While I am not naive and I know that such coffee alone will not make me lose weight magically, I gave it a try to at least reduce my bloating and my chocolate cravings. Keep reading for my honest review of Skinnea Coffee and my tips on how to make the best of it!

skinnea coffee review

28 Day Weightloss Program – Skinnea Coffee

Skinnea Coffee is made of 6 of the healthiest weight loss ingredients and roasted with Brazilian Arabica Coffee. The point is to replace your morning coffee with one cup of this coffee. They claim that it will help you lose weight, have better energy levels, and increases metabolism.

What I really likes about it was the fact that it’s instant coffee, so it’s quicker than the coffee I get from my machine. For the past week, I have been drinking a cup with a bit of milk and no sugar, as the taste of the coffee itself is not amazing. Make sure that you are drinking it on an empty stomach and after you drink the it, eat something and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day with water or unsweetened green tea.  I have also been eating healthy home cooked meals (both lunch and dinner), reduced the sweets in my diet sweets and watched the size of my portions.

After one week of drinking Skinnea Coffee every morning, I have to say I am feeling more energetic, less bloated, have less cravings for sweets and – bonus! – lost a little bit of weight. Enough to give me confidence to keep eating healthy!

skinnea coffee review

I would like to stress that Skinnea Coffee is not a weight loss supplement or a way to lose weight fast; it’s more a way to boost your metabolism and it’s crucial to combine it with a healthy lifestyle. Remember: being healthy is a lifestyle, and not a quick fix! I would also like to add that results can differ from person to person!

Have you ever tried Skinnea Coffee?

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