Side Effects of not Working out

I have been regularly exercising for few months in a row. Until 3 months ago, just before the wedding. I don’t know if I stopped because there was just so much stress and fatigue for preparations that I needed to rest; or the weather got so hot, that sweating 24/7 did not make me want to sweat even more. I am now slowly restarting and it’s painful (and I feel hopeless). During the break, I noticed a few things and I am pretty sure they are related to not working out (like, at all…)

  • I cannot wake up as early as before. I could wake up at 6am, work on my blog for 1h, then head to work and start at 8am. Now, I can barely wake up at 7am, have no time to work on the blog. Just enough to shower, get dressed and eat something quickly. Sometimes I skip breakfast and have a huge coffee instead.
  • Very often I wake up with pains all over my body, especially on week-ends, when I sleep in.
  • I feel that I am more bloated, even though my diet hasn’t changed. I tried to have meatless & dairy free days to help, but then it gets back to me feeling like a balloon.
  • I start to get back pains from sitting at my desk. I have been sitting the same way for the past year, but for 1-2 months or so, I get occasional pains on my back.
  • I feel more tired, less motivated, feeling tired after climbing a flight of stairs, losing flexibility in my legs when I pick something from the floor. The only kind of workout I get is when I walk in heels – that works my leg muscles a bit (and makes my toes numb though).

Not working out did not necessarily make me gain weight, maybe a few hundred grams. But it did make me feel bloated, less excited about things in general, and lowered my self-esteem, tending to always see my flaws in the mirror (literally). I do not particularly enjoy working out, only the results and how I feel after (I do enjoy muscle pains, means it worked and the workout is over). So to restart this, I will force myself, slowly, to restart – a bit of indoor cardio that leaves me breathless after 30 seconds, a bit of muscle work, leaving me unable to walk after 5 squats.

I have to think rationally about this, I have to see it as vital for my health, well-being and happiness. Not as a means to lose weight. Never see it as a means to lose weight, because change take time, a lot of time. But I must not care if I lose weight or not. I shouldn’t care. I have to think and realise that exercising does make me feel better, happier and more energetic. Losing weight and gaining muscles is just a bonus.

Here’s to people who absolutely hate sports and exercise, but are doing it because we know it is important for our mind, body & soul!

3 thoughts on “Side Effects of not Working out

  1. I can totally relate to your post, I also had to stop working out (was going to the gym plus following sonia tlev program for about ten weeks) and feel the same way…need to restart, just hope this hot weather stops a bit ! But definately I am a happier person when I am working out and I also love my sore muscles afterwards =)

  2. I totally agree. I worked out like crazy in the last two years before my weddings as well and I followed a pretty strict diet regime and I left everything behind for some months after the weddings as I was a bit tired of a so strict plan. But I will for sure start again after holidays, as I feel crap without some exercise 🙁


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