Shades of Pink

shades of pink ripped jeans ootd_ft

Last weekend was super sunny and warm (over 20 degrees!) so I opted for shades of pink to go together with my jeans. I initially wanted to wear sandals and a tank top, but I figured that it will be rather cold towards the end of the afternoon. I decided to pair my DIY ripped jeans with my favourite blush suede open toed ankle boots (wow, so many adjectives!) and this light pink top with this amazing lace detail on the back. It’s all on shades of pinkI got the top last summer during a shopping spree – it was a moment when I was obsessed with lace. Just to let you know, those are my favourite and the most comfortable pair of high heeled shoes I ever had.

Shades of Pink

shades of pink ripped jeans outfit_

shades of pink ripped jeans ootd

Love the back of this top!

shades of pink ripped jeans outfit

shades of pink ripped jeans

Top from Jennyfer / Jeans from Tally Weijl / Boots from Deichman / Bag from Ebay / Sunglasses from Alain Afflelou

12 thoughts on “Shades of Pink

  1. I love how the days are getting warmer and warmer & feels like summer is just around the corner. That shirt looks amazing btw, love the back!

    <3: Jasmin N

  2. I love how wearable this outfit is. I tend to stay away from pinks but this is so wearable for everyday (P.S I love the back of your top as well)

  3. I love stopping by your blog to see what you’re wearing. Everything you wear flows so nicely. I must agree, the back of that top is beautiful! 🙂

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