Sephora Haul

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Am I the only one that when I go into Sephora I lose it? This is a mini Sephora haul, result of two visits and I will just cover the Sephora brand.

Sephora Haul

In a post about my skin care routine, I already mentioned the cleansing oil and I love it. it removes everything, especially my Japanese waterproof mascara that otherwise would just stick to my eyelashes for 24 h. It has no smell and you can remove it with water only – I sometimes use my Shiseido foam.

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Even though I still have the translucent loose powder from Japan, I haven’t been using a compact one for a long time, and I went for one matching my skin colour. I feel that it makes my entire face makeup more uniform. And with summer coming up I would not like to be too white from using the translucent powder.

I also got some bronzing powder and I really loved this one that has multiple colours. I use it to apply a bit of colour to my cheeks (and a bit of contour and shape to my shape). It is really easy to apply and not that intense – really builds up and blends in easily.
Sephora Bronzer and Powder_s

Now, I am obsessed with lipsticks and I had to get my hands on some Wonderful Cushion lipsticks, using the cushion concept I first saw in Korean beauty. Thanks to the cushion it is easy to apply and to build up, easy to manage the intensity of the colour; I went for a pink and a purple, and the other colours in the range were not that intense nor crazy – some pinks, a red then the purple.

Sephora Wonderful Cushion_s

Of course, they have a matte finish, which is my favourite. As I said, they apply really well and I wish there were more colours available in this range, maybe some dark cherry or some nude colours.

Sephora Wonderful Cushion swatches_s
Sephora Haul Wonderful Cushion_s

What do you think of the Sephora brand products? I personally find them to be great and at an affordable price compared to other high end brands.

Are you interested in refreshing your makeup and beauty stash? Check out this Sephora haul post and see what I recommend. Find out if the cushion lipsticks are the new trend!

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  1. I have yet to buy any Sephora brand products…but I always think it should be good stuff because they have crazy competition they have to beat out! ♡

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