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For today, I picked one fun topic – how you can optimize your fashion blog for search engines. I have been reading about SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) everywhere and decided to revamp my blog posts even more. I am already using the Yoast SEO plugin and working to get that green light, but it never hurts to improve right?

Ever since you set up your blog, make sure that you set the Google Analytics. And as soon as you keep writing and publishing blog posts, make sure to keep an eye on your organic traffic.

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SEO optimization for fashion bloggers

Keywords and researching them is super important when it comes to writing blog posts. I am more and more getting into it, and seems I still have a lot to work on. MOZ is one of the best sources for reading about keywords and how you can optimize your blog for the search engines.

Let’s get started!

I will take as example my latest fashion post that I want to rank for “metallic pleated skirt”. To rank in the search engines for this, you have to use the keyword in several places.

  1. In the title

The keywords have to appear in the blog post title and in the URL. Keep it simple and short – I went for “How to wear a metallic pleated skirt”.

  1. In the headings

Your blog post should be structured in paragraphs and separated by headings. In the metallic pleated skirt post I used the heading “The metallic pleated skirt can be very versatile” and the explained the different ways I would style it. The headings within the text should have the h2 tag. You can to this either by going to the HTML version of your blog post and adding the <h2></h2> tags around your heading, or simply select the text and then “Heading 2” from the toolbar.

  1. Several times in the article

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, this will help you stay on track and repeat your keyword enough times in the text.

  1. Once in bold and italics

I have highlighted my “metallic pleated skirt” once in both bold and italic.

  1. In the alt-text of pictures

This is very important – Never give random names to the actual photos and the description when you upload them. Instead of IMG-0123.jpg, give them an useful name such as metallic-pleated-dress.jpg. By giving your photos descriptive names, the search engines will find your photos more easily. In the case of the alt-text, it is the text that will show instead of the picture when it doesn’t load. Plus, iT helps with the ranking!

  1. Meta description

Here is where the Yoast SEO plugin can help too – it will remind you to write your meta description. This is a brief description of our blog post and has to contain the keyword.

optimize your fashion blog 1Hope you enjoyed my SEO tips for fashion bloggers. I am currently revamping my blog posts and hoping to see some organic traffic improvement.

What are your top tips on how you can optimize your fashion blog?

Flower dress from Sammydress / Butterfly dress from Sammydress

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  1. Thank you for the tips! I barely started to using headers in my blog posts. I didn’t understand the alt texts for the photos when I first began but you have explained it well! Thanks!

  2. Great Post. I wanted activate this plugin, but it shows I must deactivate another plugin! So I dont know if its more good plugins like this.

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