The secret to achieving your dreams

We are all dreaming of better lives, better version of ourselves. We are all trying to hustle our way to our dream lives. This blog post is for those that know the struggle, and the hard work involved, but also for those that might see the end result but not the hard work that led there.

Sometimes – actually very often – achieving your dreams is not glamorous. In order to achieve your dreams you have to follow certain steps and some of them you might not enjoy. It does not happen overnight and it can be a long and tedious journey. If you want that promotion, you have to put in the hard work, overtime hours, go the extra mile, do tasks that you might not enjoy but that are needed to get the job done.

Achieving your dreams it’s not always fun and games. It means learning as much as possible – a new language, a new skill. Learning to be more patient, more resilient. Achieving your dreams it’s not always fun and games. It means a lot of work, a lot of practice, tireless practice. It means sleepless nights, gallon of sweat and tears, pains, and sacrifices. It means falling down every day and having to get yourself back up to continue the fight.

Social media has a funny way of showing us only the glamorousness of our lives. But it doesn’t show the work that goes behind the scenes that make it possible. You will see accounts of travel bloggers living their best life, exploring the world, experiencing new things every day. But you will not see on the work that travel blogging involves. You do not see all the work that was put into getting there. You do not see the long hours of writing, editing, coding. You do not see the months or years of free unpaid work behind it.

Many people wonder about the secret to achieving your dreams and for that I have two words “hard work”.

secret to achieving your dreams_hard work

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2 thoughts on “The secret to achieving your dreams

  1. Ikr, it’s often not apparent how much hard work we put into our lives, just because we decide to show the best parts of it online! I hope you find your motivation to always go for your dreams ruxandra! 🙂

  2. You are definitely one of the hardest working people I know! Committed, efficient and always striving to learn more. If somebody deserves to fulfill their dreams – it is YOU! And while you are working towards it, please don’t forget another motto: Work hard, play hard! Because life is also spending time with those we love on the small things that make us happy!

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