Save Tons Of Space: Holiday Packing

Saving suitcase space when holiday packing was one of the things I was impatient with! I just used to shove everything in, literally. And whenever I would pack for a holiday to a cold destination, space wasn’t even an option. The bombers, sweaters, knitwear, oh my god just thinking about it makes me annoyed! I guess because I like to be organised and the old me was just, well, careless and impatient!

Holiday Packing

I’ve travelled back and forth quite a bit so I’ve grasped a few tricks up my sleeve. I’d like to share some of the tips I learnt the heavy and hard way be it packing bulky boots or delicate necklaces.
I can confidently say that 99% of the female population cannot even think of traveling without any makeup or jewellery, even if it’s a lip balm or a pair of earrings, it counts! Use bags, heaps of them, bags inside bags inside bags and so on.
  • VanityKeep your makeup in one bag (I like to split my eye makeup and face/lip makeup in another).
  • Hair accessories and bracelets in one
  • Necklaces in other, or if you have any delicate jewellery (Check out this post to stop them from intertwining with each other)

vanity_1After you’ve organised the small thingy-majigs, keep all these bags in one bigger bag and there you have it! This is a pointer for ‘save suitcase space’. An organised vanity! I love this trick because it’s easy to look for exactly what you want rather than just tearing the whole bag apart! Sometimes you’ll have some extra space and you could use it for perfumes or shampoos.
This was an amazing trick I learnt from Pinterest and added in my own tricks. You may have noticed, rather experienced, that just shoving a hat in the suitcase can cause it to flatten and have creases. This trick will help you keep your hat’s shape. Before you pack anything else, roll up some light clothes (such as your camisoles or socks), put them inside the hat(s) and place it in the middle of the suitcase. From here, pack around the hat and avoid placing anything heavy on the top. This trick will help you keep your hat’s shape.

packing hatsClothes

Alright the main thing! Their two ways how you can save suitcase space but if your carrying bulky sweaters and jackets, I suggest the second method;

  1. They see me rolling, they hatin’! Roll roll roll and roll! That easy! For trousers/pants, fold them in half length wise and then roll
  2. Open up the clothes and keep piling them on each other.

packing shoes


  • For flats, place one in another and tuck them in the sides.
  • For sneakers, place them sole to sole so they don’t dirty any clothes and pack them after you’ve finished piling on clothes.
  • For boots, place them at the bottom of your suitcase before packing anything else as shown below and then start to place your clothes.
  • For heels, place them on the top after everything is packed.

packing shoes_

What I usually do is pick a smaller separate suitcase/bag for my shoes, it’s just easier.PS: Pack your shoes last except boots to save suitcase space.
Bras – gather them together and place them in the zip on the inside of the suitcase so their out of the way and don’t crumple up.
Some other tricks and tips
For maxi dresses, fold them in half and lay them in the suitcase as rolling them up will form creases and you won’t have to iron it. Fold shawls about 3 times and place them in the zip at the top of your suitcase. For muddy/dirty sneakers, place them in clear plastic bags. Aaaaaand you’re welcome! 😉 Hope these tricks and tips will help your next ‘holiday packing chaos’ ease down!

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26 thoughts on “Save Tons Of Space: Holiday Packing

  1. I love traveling but I hate packing, I admire how well packed your suitcases are, mine are always a mess! Many tips to take away, have a great vacation.

  2. This is absolutely helpful especially to travelers that has lotsss of stuffs. Even though I travel with the lightest/fewest things possible, i know there’ll come a time that i’ll be needing all these tips and tricks, especially when traveling international. Thank you so much for this post! will bookmark this, for sure! 🙂

  3. I’ve tried the rolling thing but I think I save more space just piling the folded clothes up! maybe I should do smaller rolls!

  4. This is such a great post! SO many helpful hints. I wish I knew about your recomendations on how to pack maxi dresses earlier…Mine always end up so scrunched and creating more work for myself!

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