How to recreate cozy aesthetic outfits

Kawaii cozy aesthetic outfits - recreate cozy aesthetic outfits

In the past months, I have been wondering how I can recreate cozy aesthetic outfits for everyday wear. Also, I have been living in leggings and baggy sweatpants, comfortable tees and hoodies 90% of my time. 2020 was the year that made me realize that I need better loungewear and better cozy clothes in general. As a person who loves to be cozy all the time, this is crucial for me.

Neutral & White aesthetic outfits

Neutral colors and white are great to start with if you want to recreate cozy aesthetic outfits. They are flattering for everybody and you can always mix and match the pieces. It’s all about comfortable pants that could be soft brown, beige, cream, khaki or white, with matching t-shirts and sweaters. Make sure they are soft to the skin and made of cotton. If you are more into jeans, you can style a classic pair of blue jeans with any neutral top you may have. For warmer weather, go for comfortable tank tops and a few statement tops. Neutral and white clothing goes very well with gold jewellery – both dainty pieces and statement pieces.

Aesthetic kawaii outfits

Are you more into pastel colours or cute vibes? You can do that! Think pastel pink, yellow, lavender, baby blue, mint, turquoise – and if you are a fan of kawaii merch, do go for it! In an ideal world, my entire outfit would be 50% aesthetic kawaii outfits and 50% neutrals aesthetic. If you want to get started with this, I would recommend similar tips as above – going for a few classic pieces but in your favourite colors and patterns.

Cozy travel outfits

I know we are not all travelling right now, but if you are building cozy outfits, it’s good to think of what you may wear the first time you are travelling again. For this, you have to keep in mind that comfort is above all. Building cozy travel outfits should also be layered – we know that when we travel, we can get cold in the plane from the aircon, or on the little bus going to the plane. Or we can get too hot, running to not miss the last call or carrying your heavy carry-on. The anatomy of a cozy travel outfit would consist of comfortable pants (leggings, baggy sweatpants, yoga pants), light top (t-shirt, tank top) and a warm cardigan. Of course, don’t forget about comfortable sneakers. If you want to keep the aesthetic vibes for your travel outfits, you can go for two-piece sets that match the top with pants.

Comfy cozy outfits

Your outfits don’t have to look aesthetically pleasing only when you go out. You deserve to wear cute aesthetic outfits indoors too. With so much working from home these days and even more blurred lines between work and life, make sure that you change into something comfortable but also cute, as soon as you finish work. All of the tips above can also apply to comfy cozy outfits to be worn at home. I love wearing baggy sweatpants or joggers and pair them with hoodies or t-shirts. To keep it aesthetic, go for matchy two-piece sets, as they would make you feel like you are put together, and you don’t have to think too much about it. My current pair of indoor pants are these marble ones that are mega cozy!

What’s your favourite way to recreate cozy aesthetic outfits?

How to recreate cozy aesthetic outfits
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How to recreate cozy aesthetic outfits
Looking to recreate cozy aesthetic outfits for this year? Check out these simple tips on how to get started!
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